Accommodation - Students 

We know it's getting harder and harder to secure a decent flat in Wellington. While we would love to create a whole bunch of affordable student housing to help you all out, that's not quite in the budget right now. 

However, if you are in desperate need of short-term or emergency accommodation until you can find a permanent roof over your head we want to help you out. 

Fill in the form below with your details and tell us about your situation. We will use this information and work in with the university's accommodation services to make sure you are not left out in the cold. 

And remember our advocate Erica Schouten is always available as an independent and confidential support. 

Phone: 04 463 6984 or text 022 563 6984

Name *
What accommodation are you looking for?
No pets, an all female flat, LGBTQ+, vegan/vegetarian, no alcohol etc.
Would you like to be a media spokesperson?
In order to get this issue resolved we need the general public and politicians to hear the real issues students are facing. Part of that involves engaging with the media in order to get your stories told. If you would be willing to speak with media persons about your story please let us know.