Do you have thoughts on how we can improve our constitution and further the abilities of our association?

We last reviewed our constitution in 2015 and think it's about time we make sure it's up to date and helps VUWSA best serve Vic students.

The main focuses of the review will be:

·         Updating the names and descriptions of Rep groups listed within the constitution

·         Re-formatting the financial reporting structure for Salient to better incorporate the presence of VUWSA’s CEO

·         To tighten up and increase clarity around election guidelines, restrictions and provisions.

·         To introduce a section under the Elections Charter addressing the existence of social media and digital technologies

·         To fix identified material issues with the current iteration, re; general manager, time frames and unclear provisions.

This document underpins all the work VUWSA does which means it's vital students get a say on what goes in there. 

If you have any opinions on or experience in any of the matters above, or perhaps even other areas of our constitution then we would love to hear from you. 

Submissions will be open from June 19 until July 1.

Then on the July 3, at 9am, the VUWSA Constitutional Review Committee will open for public discussion on submissions and the constitution. You are invited to come and discuss proposed changes with the committee at this time.

If you wish to obtain a copy of our current constitution it can be found here