The Campaigns Officer role allows me to run various campaigns and support other members of the Executive in their own campaigns. I've been working on campaigns for the last few years and really enjoy the opportunity to engage with people on issues that matter to them. I’ve always loved campaigning; and getting to run campaigns for VUWSA is an exciting new challenge for me.

This year, I’ll be focusing my energy on running a successful Local Body Election campaign. I aim to increase the number of students voting and for student issues to become election issues. If you’re interested in helping out with this campaign or have an issue you’d like to see VUWSA campaigning on, contact me. I’m always available for a chat.

About me

I am in the final year of my Bachelor of Arts studying Political Science and International Relations. I’ve loved my time at Victoria and hope to contribute to the student experience and to work on campaigns that will benefit Victoria students.

When I’m not campaigning, I can be found at any one of Wellington’s karaoke nights or playing my ukulele, often along Cuba Street. I’m also very rarely seen not wearing a bright shade of lipstick.

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