I am so happy to be in the role of Equity Officer for so many reasons. The first thing that springs to mind is that it’s a role that gives me the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of people from various backgrounds, identities and experiences; and learn how to best support them.

My role not only involves being aware of diversity, but understanding the significance of it; and ensuring diversity-values are integrated through the University. Equity issues can involve individuals to groups, and can come from many different angles.

My aspiration in this role is to help others, and hopefully make some positive changes that impact people in the long-run. People are significant and change is important. We cannot forget who people are and what they need to survive and thrive in life! 

Over the past year I've been involved in the Thursdays in Black core group. Thursdays in Black is a campaign, which strives for a world without rape and violence for self-identified women, for everyone.

Increased awareness of the Thursdays in Black campaign could:

  • potentially influence the development of a sexual violence policy at Victoria
  • teach students about consent.

I also aim to collaborate and support representative groups with their goals this year.

Representative groups contribute so much to Victoria’s diverse community. It’s crucial that I enhance VUWSA’s relationships with these groups so their voices are heard and put to good use.

I also want to influence the University to change to using preferred names in enrollments and advocate for more unisex toilets at the University.

About me

In 2015 I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Arts majoring in social policy and media studies. This year I am studying for an Honours degree in media studies. I don’t really know what kind of job I want after I’m finished studying, but I know I want one that makes me happy, pays a living wage and does some kind of good in this world. 

Connect with me

  • Email:  equity@vuwsa.org.nz
  • Mobile: 021 02436069
  • Twitter: @chrissybrown