The most exciting part of my role is that every day is different. In any given week I could be sitting alongside university managers making key decisions which affect students; discussing the needs of student groups with student leaders; lobbying a local city councillor on key student policy; speaking to the media about a salient student issue; making a submission to a parliamentary select committee – the list goes on. I work for students’ every day – it’s a very fulfilling job to have.

This year, I have 3 main priorities all focused on getting a better deal for you:

Priority 1 – A better deal for students: Building connections with student groups, so we have a strong student voice.

Priority 2 – A better deal with the University: Cementing the place of VUWSA in the eyes of the University, so that we have a clear line of communication to lobby for changes that allow us to succeed.

Priority 3 – A better deal with Wellington City: Putting student-friendly policies on the upcoming Local Body Election agenda; and having a presence at key City events, such as the Newtown Festival.

About me

I’m a law and arts student majoring in public policy and political science. I’m taking a break from my study this year as being President is a 40-plus hour a week job.

I have a history of standing up for student and youth interests: I was an inaugural UNICEF NZ Youth Ambassador, co-chair of my local youth council, youth representative on a local council board, regional president of an education charity and have organised a number of student leadership conferences.

I work for you, so never hesitate to contact me.

Connect with me

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  • Phone: (04) 463 6986
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  • Twitter: @JonathanPWGee