You don’t need me to tell you that being a student can be really tough. A heavy work load, budgeting week-to-week, and the looming stressors of debt are just a few of the common things that we, as students, live with. And the list goes on and varies significantly among the diverse and evolving group of people that make up our Victoria community.

My role involves finding ways to alleviate some of these pressures, whatever they might be, to make your life a bit better at Victoria.

My aim this year is to improve the information and resources available to students going into flats for the first time. Thousands of us do it every year without a clue on basics, such as how to navigate through a tenancy contract, call out the landlord when they do something bogus, or even know which day to put out the recycling.

There are also lots of systemic problems with flatting, and working to remove these, for example by inputting on the Governments proposed minimum standards for rentals is also really important.

VUWSA offers welfare services like the Fruit and Vege Market and Community Pantry to help you stay well fed, and a Student Advocate for any issues you require support or advice on.

We also run campaigns on important issues like improving the quality of flats in Wellington and reducing bus fares. We work to develop a culture within the University so all students feel at home.

About me

I’ve just finished my Politics and Sociology degree and am going straight back to first year to learn some Te Reo, meaning most of my friends have left Uni and I am always up for a chat! If you ever want to discuss VUWSA’s services or debate an issue, you can usually find me in the Student Union Building.

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