Section 8 - The Funnies

"That the men's toilets on the ground floor be renamed 'Shit House'."

"That the men's toilets at the east ground floor be renamed the 'Richard Wild Memorial Shit House'."

"That Sir Richard Wild be invited to open the new room in the appropriate manner."

"That Mr D Riddiford as ex-director of 'Truth' should be bashed."

"That the Chair should be instructed to carry out the bashing."

"That this Association has had a guts-full of Sir Roy, Jack."

"That fire drills be held on the hour, every hour in the morning, and ten minutes after the hour in the afternoon."

"That the Executive in order to improve attendance at SRC, give it greater publicity as a humorous occasion for the debating of trivia that would do credit to the Debating Society."

"That this Association notes the similarity between the watery nature of soup dispensed by the vending machine in the ground floor foyer and Paul Swain's political standpoint and directs the Union Management Committee to name the machine the 'Paul Swain Machine' and install a sign giving this name."

"That this SRC censure itself."

"That instead of saying 'Yes' to the motion, people may be instructed to say 'Pig' and instead of saying 'No', that they may be instructed to say 'Library Sixth Floor'."

"That this meeting moves "Heaven and Earths' instead of motions."

"That if a Heaven and Earth be carried, that it be Raised on High."

"That Lindy Cassidy do lie upon the table with this Heaven and Earth."

"That the Editor of Salient be given a cold shower at the end of the year in recognition of his services to the Association."

"That at future capping SRCs alcoholic beverages be served and that all beer be DB Bitter."

"That we put forward a Press Gang to find nominees for committees."

"That all Executive members be made to wear gold lame suits and that they be required to walk on six-foot stilts as a mark of their dignified status."

"That Gaudeamus Igitur be sung before all SRCs and Executive meetings."

"That this Association supports Muhammed Ali in his attempt to retain the world heavyweight boxing title against Joe Frazier, furthermore, that Ali knock out Frazier in the 11th round."

"That people raise their right foot instead of their hand, if they wish to speak."

"That the Chairperson must put her foot in the air when she wishes to speak to the meeting."

"That the Wellington Public Hospital Anal Ward be renamed the Robert Muldoon Anal Ward and that Mr Muldoon be instructed to become anally introverted, and that this motion should be conveyed by telegram to the Director of the Hospital Board."

"That Paul Norman be declared an endangered species, and that the only known specimen be transferred to Mt Bruce breeding reserve and that Mt Bruce breeding reserve be renamed the Paul Norman Breeding Reserve."

"That the 70s be extended for another two years and that this Association does not enter the 80s."

"That VUWSA condemns, opposes, deplores and views with concern the practice of submitting serious motions to any Student Representative Council Meeting during Capping Week, and therefore supports and calls on all students to rubbish any such motions which should arise in such a week, and should devote ourselves to self-inebriation, mass madness and having a good time."

"That the playing of zod be allowed in the Common Room at all times."

"That this Association supports the Anarchist movement in its fight against the State and Religion, J Marshall and God willing."

"That religion *???!!!!"

"That Gerard Winters be recognised as a possessor of a nuclear arm and is therefore a product of a nuclear family."

"That this Association believes that 1981 will be a cracker."

"That at the last SRC meeting P. Sowman and G. Winter have a drinking race of two jugs."

"That Skippy the Bush Kangaroo is a she."

"That is SRC censure L. Duley in his position as President VUWSA because he plays for a Wellington Rugby Club and not the Varsity Rugby Club."

“That the VUWSA Exec must sing “Smoke Two Joints” by Sublime before every Exec meeting”

VUWSA send its condolences to Auckland University, and hope Stuart McCutcheon retires soon

“That Captain Planet be the official superhero of the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association.”

Section 7 - International - Asia & Other


"That VUWSA … calls upon the New Zealand Government to disassociate New Zealand from the American invasion into Cambodia."

"That VUWSA do support students in Hong Kong in their campaign to make Chinese the official language of Hong Kong."

"That VUWSA condemns the policy of the South Korean Government in regard to political prisoners and urgently demands that the people under sentence at the present time should have their sentence repealed."

"That this Association congratulates the Khmer Rouge on the success of their fight to liberate Cambodia, and that it wishes them the best of luck in their endeavours to reconstruct that country."

"That VUWSA opposes any move which will make more likely the direct military intervention of New Zealand in South East Asian conflicts (especially Thailand or Malaysia)."

"That this Association condemns the Vietnamese invasion of Kampuchea and the Chinese counter-attack on Vietnam and calls on all forces to withdraw to within their own territories."

"That VUWSA condemns the Vietnamese Government for its wholesale expulsion of large sections of the Vietnamese populations and further more calls on the New Zealand Government to immediately accept more Vietnamese refugees into New Zealand to the ratio of 1 refugee to every 1,000 New Zealanders."

"That VUWSA opposes the Societies Amendment Act (1981) of Malaysia for the following reasons:

It denies Malaysians the right to organise.

It usurps the powers of the judiciary by preventing decisions of the Registrar of Societies and the Minister of Home Affairs from being challenged in the court.

It gives excessive power to the Registrar of Societies, which enables him to decide which societies are "friendly" and which are "political", to amend the rules and constitutions of societies and to disqualify and hence remove office bearers of a society.

It is against the spirit of the Malaysian Constitution.

"That this Association condemns the use of repressive legislation in Malaysia specifically the Internal Security Act and the Essential Security Cases Amendment Regulations."

"That this Association immediately request the Malaysian Government to grant Tan Chay Wa, Lim Kuang Yeow, and Chiow Thiam Tuan reprieve from their death sentences."

"That this Association, consistent with its policy on the denunciation of the violation of human rights on Malaysia condemns the visit of the Malaysian High Commissioner onto campus on 9th May 1983 and that this condemnation be passed onto the High Commission in this form."

"That this Association expresses its horror and regret over the death of thousands of people on the Anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.  It calls on students to pay their respects on Hiroshima Day, on Monday August the 6th at the Cenotaph at 12.00 noon where a special ceremony of Commemoration will be held."

"That we send a telegram to the Japanese Embassy expressing our regret over the death of thousands of innocent Japanese when the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by the Allies.  We also ask the Japanese Government to reconsider its position on the dumping of nuclear wastes in and around the Pacific."

VUWSA oppose physical torture and congratulate Students for a Free Tibet


"That VUWSA resolves to wholeheartedly support the planned march on Friday 5 August to commemorate Hiroshima Day and reaffirms its support for making the Pacific a nuclear-free zone of peace."

"That this Association sends a telegram to the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa, conveying our support for their principled and courageous stand against countries that persist in encouraging the South African Government's policy of racist sport."

"That VUWSA affirms that overseas students studying in New Zealand are to be regarded as New Zealand students and must not be subject to interference either by their home governments or the New Zealand Government."

"That this Association condemns the oppression and intimidation of its Jewish citizens as carried out by the Russian Government and calls upon the Russian Government to allow free emigration of all peoples from Russia."

"That NZUSA holds imperialism, colonialism and new-colonialism to be stumbling blocks to self-determination, national independence and peace of the peoples of the world who are struggling against all the above in all their manifestations."

"That VUWSA support a redrawing of the Western boundaries of ASA to stop at the Indian sub-continent."

"That VUWSA express its support for the Polish Free Trade Union, Solidarity, in the struggle for Polish workers, and further VUWSA opposes any Soviet interference in Poland's internal affairs."

"That VUWSA condemns all US aid to the ruling military junta in El Salvador and supports the people of El Salvador who are struggling for their country's independence."

"That this Association condemns the Indonesian Government's aggression against the people of East Timor, and asserts their right to a free act of self-determination forthwith."

"That this Association condemns the violation of human rights by the Soviet Union and United States, and deplores the way in which the issue of human rights is being used as a pawn in the rivalry between the two superpowers."

"That VUWSA recognising the increasing contention between the Soviet Union and the United States, and recognising the threat to world peace posed by the continuing proliferation of nuclear weapons by the two superpowers, supports the convening of a conference of heads of government to supervise the immediate destruction of all nuclear weapons."

"That SRC recommends to the Executive that VUWSA contributes annually an amount of $150 to the NZUSA Southern Africa Scholarship."

"That VUWSA fully supports…  immediate withdrawal from Seato and Anzus and all other military alliances."

"That this SRC condemns the Government cutbacks in the intake of Malaysian students in the strong belief that it was a politically motivated act; and further condemns the Government for its failure to consult the appropriate interested bodies; i.e., Overseas Students' Admissions Committee."

"That VUWSA condemns the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan as a violation of the independent sovereignty of Afghanistan and a threat to world peace."

"That this Association strongly opposes the decision of the French Government to recommence nuclear testing in the South Pacific and that such opposition be communicated directly to the French President, Francois Mitterand and also to the French Defence Minister, Charles Hernu, and further, that this association request the New Zealand Government to take effective measures to attempt to prevent the recommencement of nuclear tests by the French in the South Pacific."

"That VUWSA shows its support for the protest action to take place during the visit to New Zealand of George Bush, Vice President of the United States, by donating $100.00 to the cost of printing 5 000 leaflets, and that the policy of the Association is considered when this leaflet is drawn up."

"That this Association in its concern for world peace and the environment strongly condemn the build-up of all nuclear weapons, nuclear vessels, nuclear reactors, and the continued dumping of nuclear wastes in our oceans.  Further that this Association call on an immediate dismantling of all nuclear reactors, nuclear vessels, and nuclear weapons forthwith.  This SRC call on the International Affairs Office to write to representatives of New Zealand domiciled embassies, consulates to urge the above (stop of build-up and dismantling)."

"That this SRC delete from its policy book Policy 79/75 which reads:  "That this Association congratulates the Khmer Rouge on the success of their fight to liberate Cambodia, and that it wishes them the best of luck in their endeavours to reconstruct their country."

"That this Association send a telegram to the South African Consul congratulating them on their decision to return to South Africa and hops that the lessons learned in New Zealand will help the people of South Africa to continue their struggle for majority rule.  Furthermore that this Association would be overjoyed to provide all possible assistance with travel arrangements to the airport."

"That this Association send a copy of the single 'Nelson Mandela' (special AKA) to Alan Harvey for in flight entertainment."

"That our University Council reps urge the University Council to declare VUW a nuclear weapons free zone."

"That VUWSA supports the concept of the 12th World Festival of Youth and Students to be held in Moscow in July 1985."

"VUWSA demands that drug companies like Upjohn stop their practise of dumping unsafe products in Third World Countries, where health and safety regulations are often less stringent."

"That this SRC rescinds previous policy on World Vision, and resolves that it supports the United Nations campaign to immunise all the worlds children against the six diseases by 1990, and recognise the effectiveness of World Vision's work in publicising the campaign in New Zealand."

"That VUWSA condemns imperialism and terrorism in all parts of the world and calls on the United States to cease all aid to repressive regimes and all military intervention in all other countries immediately."

"That the SRC considering that the people of Latin America find themselves fighting against the power of the United States of America; and considering that this power is expressed in direct military and economic aid to dictatorships based on local wealthy elites as in El Salvador; in economic embargoes and other threats to the sovereignty of nations such as Panama, Nicaragua and Cuba; in the fact that Honduras has been transformed into a gigantic military base; and in the organisation of the mercenary war against Nicaragua; demands that the USA and other foreign nations end their intervention in the countries of Latin America immediately, declares its support for the initiatives of the Contradora Group and the Contradora Support Group, and affirms that Latin America is in nobody's private backyard;  that the SRC support fundraising activities for the economic and social development of Nicaragua under the auspices of the Nicaragua Must Survive Campaign, that the SRC help build voluntary work brigades to Nicaragua; that the SRC condemns the continuing violation of human rights in Chile and condemns New Zealand's economic and diplomatic relations with the Pinochet dictatorship; that the SRC support the actions planned for September 1987 to mark the 14th anniversary of the coup in Chile, also support fundraising activities and education proposals made under the auspices of the Wellington Latin America Committee; that the SRC declares its support for the proposal of the FMLN/FDR in which the dictatorship in El Salvador is called to partake in a dialogue with political opposition groups in El Salvador, that the SRC condemns the continuing human rights abuses in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador; that this SRC support the Establishment and work of Guatemalen and El Salvador Solidarity groups in  New Zealand; that the SRC support campaigns to raise funds for aid to Latin America; also that it support activities designed to improve international awareness of the political and social problems of the region - providing that these initiatives are taken under the auspices of the Wellington Latin America Committee."

"That VUWSA supports the Kanak people in their struggle against French colonialism."

“That this SRC acknowledges that the Palestinian civil and military authorities acted in the contravention of the moral and legal codes of the day in the events surrounding the arrest, conviction and execution of Jesus of Nazareth.”

“That this Association opposes the introduction of Section 28 of the of the Local Government Finance Act into British Statutes on the grounds that it contravenes the basic human rights of lesbians and gay men in Britain.”

“That SRC funding should not focus on international issues but on Victoria Students”

Section 7 - International - Overseas Aid & Middle East & South Pacific

Overseas Aid

"That NZUSA call upon the Government to declare that overseas aid will never be offered subject to conditions designed to further the policies of the New Zealand Government in matters relating to the sovereign affairs of another country."

"That NZUSA call upon the Government to ensure that as the quality [quantity?] of New Zealand's overseas aid is increased toward the target of at least one percent of national income, the quality of this aid in terms of real value to the developing countries is maintained at a high level."

"That NZUSA call upon the Government to ensure that purchase of New Zealand goods shall not be made a precondition for the granting of aid to a needy country."

"That NZUSA call upon the Government to ensure that grants, not loans, shall form the bulk of New Zealand's overseas aid; and that where loans are included, only the interest foregone on alternative use shall be entered in the aid account."

"That NZUSA call upon the Government to give a higher proportion of its overseas aid through multilateral agencies."

"That NZUSA, recognising that trade conducted on a fair and equitable basis offers the key to sustained growth in developing economies, call upon the Government to encourage vigorous expansion of trade with developing countries."

"That NZUSA call upon the Government to investigate the possibility of unilaterally lowering tariffs to developing countries for as wide a range of commodities as possible, having regard to the need to protect New Zealand industry.  In particular, consideration should be given to favourable treatment for tropical primary produce, heavy industrial goods and handicraft products."

"That this Association asks all students to take practical action towards alleviating third world poverty and especially in Africa where there is currently an urgent crisis."

Middle East

"That this Association Supports the rights of all peoples both Jewish and Palestinian to self-determination in the Palestinian area and condemns the political and military interference of the USSR and USA in the Middle East."

"That this Association condemns the treatment by the Syrian Government of its Jewish community and calls upon the Syrian Government to fully comply with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights with respect to its Jewish community."

"That this Association reaffirms that a solution to the problems of the Middle East can be brought through a dialogue among all the people living in the area, and declares that this principle extends to the democratically-elected representatives of students living in the area."

"That this Association affirms the right of the students of Israel in common with those of any other national group to be represented by a democratically-elected body of their own choosing."

"That this Association supports the right of NUIS - in common with all other democratically-elected representatives of student groups - to be represented in all international student organisations, including ASA."

"That this Association recognises the sovereignty and independence of the State of Israel."

"That VUWSA recognises that the Israeli Government and Arab Governments deny the rights of the Palestinian people and believes that a free, secular and democratic Palestinian state should be created."

"That this Association instruct its international delegates to abstain from the motion relating to the State of Israel."

"That this Association condemns the use of violence in Israel and Southern Lebanon as an impairment towards mutual peace and security in the Middle East, and supports peace moves towards reaching a lasting peaceful settlement recognising the rights of all peoples concerned."

"That VUWSA send telegrams of congratulations to Emissaries of Israel and Egypt on the successful completion of the first stage of the Middle East peace process."

"That this Association strongly condemns Israel's invasion of Lebanon, and that this Association send a telegram of condemnation to the Israeli Ambassador, and that a message of support be sent to the PLO."

South Pacific

"That this Association supports the New Hebridean national party in its fight to liberate the New Hebrides."

""That VUWSA calls upon the United States to implement the terms of its U.N. mandate ad supports the Congress of Micronesia in its efforts to achieve full self-determination."

"That VUWSA condemns United States imperialism and colonialism in the Pacific, especially in the Trust Territory of Micronesia, Guam and Eastern Samoa."

""That VUWSA condemns any United States attempt to retain the Trust Territory of Micronesia, Guam and Easter Samoa in a new-colonial status by means of their incorporation as associated states or a commonwealth of the United States."

"That this Association fully supports the work of the South Pacific Action Network."

"That this Association strongly opposes the decision of the French Government to recommence nuclear testing in the South Pacific and that such opposition be communicated directly to the French President, Francois Mitterand and also to the French Defence Minister, Charles Hernu, and further, that this association request the New Zealand Government to take effective measures to attempt to prevent the recommencement of nuclear tests by the French in the South Pacific."

Section 6 - Women's Rights - Rape/Violence & Other


"That VUWSA believes that rape is deliberate act of violence against women rather than an act motivated by sexual desire.  VUWSA believes that the fear of rape and the act of rape itself is often used by men to constantly limit women's freedom.  Furthermore VUWSA recognises that the fear of rape is a constant fear to all women and that even the presence of a man can generate the fear of rape.  VUWSA believes that women should have freedom of dress and action without it being construed as provocation of rape."

"VUWSA recognises that rape is a deliberate act of sexual violence (unrelated to sexual desire) and a tool which all men have the power to use, consciously and unconsciously, to keep all women in a state of fear and believe the fear of rape and the act of rape itself seriously restricts women's freedom and control of their lives.  VUWSA further believes women should have freedom of dress and action (including sexual activity) without it being construed as provocation of rape."

"That VUWSA condemns the provision in the present rape laws by which a defendant can be acquitted on the grounds that he held an honest or mere indifference, regardless of whether reasonable or not, that the raped women consented.  VUWSA believes this has the effect of the raped women being considered "not innocent" until the rapist is proven guilty."

"That VUWSA recognise the sexist attitudes and economic pressures often force women to stay in relationships which are oppressive and violent."

"That VUWSA recognise the need for women's refuges giving support to women leaving domestic situations and urges the government to allocate funds to support these refuges and that VUWSA write a letter to the government so urging."

"VUWSA pledges active support to the Rape Crisis Centres, Women's Refuge Centres and other feminist orientated women's centres."

"That VUWSA believes that it is the Government's responsibility to fully fund feminist orientated Rape Crisis Centres while respecting their autonomy."

"That VUWSA condemns the present requirements placed on the prosecution in rape trials to prove rape (i.e.; that the defendant held an honest belief or mere inference, regardless of whether reasonably or not, that the raped women consented) as it has the effect of the raped women being "not innocent" until the rapist is proven guilty."

"That VUWSA believes that there is a need for increased professionalism as prescribed by the Police Act during rape trials on the part of the prosecuting team (namely the Police), so that they actively oppose infringement of witnesses/the raped women's rights.  VUWSA further believes that a women's past sexual experiences (including any with the rapist) should not be admissible evidence."

"That VUWSA believes the Government should fully support and fund Maori Rape Crisis Groups generally."

"That VUWSA fully supports the call by Rape -Crisis, Incest Survivors and Anti-Violence groups for there to be an extensive education campaign throughout the education system aimed at attacking the "rape culture"."

"VUWSA condemns attacks on women and young girls in the form of sexual molestation and intra-family rape incest, and believes these stem from and perpetrate the oppression of women in our society."

"VUWSA believes that the legal definition of rape of a woman or girl should be;

Penetration of vagina or anus of a woman or a girl by a foreign object against her will.

Sexual intercourse with a woman or girl against her will.

Penetration of a woman or girls mouth or anus by a penis against her will.

A married women being forced against her will to have sex with her husband."

VUWSA believes that consideration should be given to the fact that force my constitute threats or mental/physical intimidation or coercion and not necessarily involve physical violence.

VUWSA further believes that a woman's past sexual experience should not be admissible evidence in a rape trial."

"VUWSA recognises that rape is a tool through which men keep women in a state of fear and believes that the fear of rape itself seriously affects women's freedom and control of their lives.  VUWSA further believes that women should have freedom of dress and action without it being construed as provocation of rape."

"That VUWSA recognises that in times of economic crisis Government attacks on women's rights increase.  The cumulative effect of these attacks is to deny women their right to full-time paid employment.  Keeping women out of the workforce has many advantages for the Government.  For example, it hides the real extent of unemployment; uses women to provide socially necessary services such as childcare and housework for which the state would otherwise have to pay; it makes women scapegoats for No's economic problems and accentuates sexism while manipulating women's lives to suit the economic climate."


"That VUWSA believes that a women's room is necessary for the wellbeing of women on campus, and as a means whereby affirmative action is implemented supports the establishment of one wholeheartedly."

"VUWSA believes women should have complete control over their bodies, in particular in the areas of reproduction, fertility and women's health.  Therefore VUWSA believes information relevant to women's health should be more readily accessible to enable women to understand and make informed choices about their health."

"That VUWSA recommends that each constituent Student's Association elect or appoint at least one woman delegate to the Women's Action Collective meetings."

"VUWSA urges all universities to have women counsellors and doctors in recognition of the fact that women students face problems particular to women."

"VUWSA believes that work done in the house should be recognised as productive work and in recognition encourages moves towards adequate recompense for such work."

"VUWSA applauds the Government for its "Girl/Women can do anything" campaign and urges that affirmative action is an ongoing and high priority campaign in the workplace, in Government departments and in all institutions."

"That VUWSA believes the Government should fund compulsory self-defence (Sue Lytollis mode) courses for girls in schools as an essential way to teach women self assertion and non-victim skills."

"That VUWSA deplores the practise of genital mutilation and believe it to be a gross violation of a women's right to control her own body.  Further VUWSA recognises that genital mutilation is a feature of international misogyny that crosses cultural boundaries."

"VUWSA further condemns cultural practises such as foot binding (China), sutee (India), cliterodectomies (Africa), female infanticide (China) and dowry murders (India) as examples, past and present, of the patriarchy controlling, limiting, abusing and/or murdering women."

"VUWSA supports the outlawing of any material which incites sexual hatred against women in line with Women Against Pornography's present campaign to amend the Human Rights Commission Act."

"VUWSA believes that pornography and sexist advertising degrades all women by depicting them as sex objects encouraging sexist attitudes, and promotes violence against women.  Further that pornography blatantly exploits women for men's sexual pleasure and for capitalist profit."

"VUWSA calls upon the Government to establish an all-woman licensing board which would have the power to classify all videos available in Aotearoa and which would have the power to ban all pornographic/women hating videos.  VUWSA believes that women are the most appropriate people to judge whether or not a video is women hating/pornographic."

"VUWSA supports the Working Women's Charter, congratulating the FOL and all affiliated unions on their adoption of it and urge speedy implementation of the Charter."

"VUWSA supports the Trade Unions, women in the Trade Union movement and any other groups in their efforts to gain women's full effective involvement within the Trade Union movement."

"VUWSA recognises the particular problems of women returning to study after raising families and urge the Universities to actively assist them."

"VUWSA believes women receiving the DPB have the right to enter into any relationship without affecting their entitlement to the benefit.  Therefore SRC deplores the Social Security Amendment (no 2) Act.

NOTES:  The Act alters the definition of a de facto relationship from "living together on a domestic basis" to "husband and wife (who) not being legally married enter into a relationship in the nature of a marriage."

"That this SRC endorses the Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure proposed by the working party which is similar to procedure adopted by other campuses."

"That this SRC oppose amendments to the proposed Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure which are:

Insertion of the reasonable person test into the definition or elsewhere.

Alterations to procedure for hearing a case which would mean the alleged harasser would be present throughout hearing of evidence against them."

"That this SRC condemn the unnecessary delays that have occurred in the setting up of the Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure at this campus."

"That VUWSA adopt the following policy on the function of Women's Action Collective within NZUSA:

The Women's Action Collection be replaced with the Women's Rights Commission consisting of the constituent Women Vice Presidents, Women's Rights Officers or a suitable women delegate.

The Women's Rights Commission be constitutionally entrenched.

The role of Women's Rights Commission being to:

promote the representation of women at national level

represent women's interests in all issues of general concern to students, especially education and welfare

address issues that are of particular concern to women students

co-ordinate such campaigns as are necessary to fulfil this role

The Women's Rights Commission to meet for one day immediately preceding February workshops, May and August Councils, the purpose of this meeting being to address:

upcoming issues/campaigns of relevance to women students

upcoming workshops at Council and their relevance to women

finalise workshops to be run by the Women's Rights Commission at Council

     5.    The Women's Rights Commission to present a written report to final plenary for acceptance, time being specifically allocated in the agenda for this.

"That this SRC approves $300 being spent on a woman attending the Dunedin Women's Conference."

“That this Association expresses its regret at the closing of the Women’s Room at Waikato University, and that it condemns the Executive of WSU for the way in which the decision to close the room was made.”

Section 6 - Women's Rights - WRAC & Discrimination


"That VUWSA believes that the position of WRAC Co-ordinator should be open to women only."


"That VUWSA opposes discrimination on the basis of race, culture, sex or sexuality."

"That this Association condemns sexist advertising and recognises that exploitation of the physical form of women in particular, inhibits recognition of women as full and equal human beings; and that the use of sexist advertising by this Association for the furtherance of any aims or goals of the Association is prohibited in the future."

"That VUWSA actively campaigns against sexist language in particular the use of the male pronoun when referring to both sexes and the unnecessary differentiation between men and women for example in the University Calendar."

"That this Students' Association adopts a policy of using non-sexist terminology, in particular, the use of chairperson instead of chairman."

"That VUWSA believes that since the rise of class society women have been discriminated against on the basis of their sex and that the eradication of sexual discrimination is an integral part of the struggle for the liberation of all oppressed people."

"That VUWSA support the Women's Action Group proposed outline for a National Conference of University Women and direct Victoria's delegates to raise the proposal at May Council."

"That $200 be donated to the Women Learning Weekend, the money to come from the SRC donations budget."

"That VUWSA recognise that prostitution is a manifestation of the attitude that women's bodies are to be treated and regarded merely as sexual chattels.  Further, VUWSA supports the decriminalisation of prostitution because in the present economic and social climate many women have no other alternative that VUWSA condemn those individuals or business interests that exploit and create a demand for prostitution and profit from the selling of women's bodies."

"That VUWSA condemns the recent hiring of a stripper by members of the J7 Rugby team to perform at a fund-raising function and further demands that the Rugby Club Sports Council deny the use of its facilities to promote sexist behaviour and calls for the Students' Association facilities not to be used for functions promoting sexist behaviour."

"That this Association donate $100 to the "Woman Against the Cuts" organisation in recognition of the valuable work the organisation is doing to highlight and build opposition to the effects the Government cutbacks are having and will have on women."

"That VUWSA defines sexual harassment as any unwanted sexual advances to women that by take verbal or physical forms.  Verbal harassment includes frequent sexual innuendoes, suggestive remarks, off-colour jokes, as well as persistent remarks about a woman's body.  Physical forms include constant leering or ogling to pinching, kissing, grabbing to rape."

"That VUWSA believes that the objectification and degradation of women that is represented in pornography results in and perpetrates violence about women, and further that pornography blatantly exploits women for men's sexual pleasure and for capitalist profit."

"That VUWSA recognise the particular problems facing lesbians on the basis of their sexuality and supports affirmative action taken by all groups working towards lesbian liberation."

"That VUWSA consistent with its policy of opposing violence against women condemns the engagement of the Birthday Party to play at this campus.  Furthermore this Association instructs the Executive, when engaging bands promoting films and organising other cultural events in the future, to scrutinise the content of these acts to ensure that they do not flagrantly violate Association policy of opposing sexism, racism and anti-lesbianism and gay bias."

"That this Association urges the adoption of the Working Women's Charter by the Federation of Labour seeing such a bill of rights for working women as being long overdue."

"VUWSA notes with concern that women are still under represented in nearly every profession and trade.  It urges that affirmative action and education are needed at all levels of the education sector to increase women's participation in society at all levels.  VUWSA further notes with concern that women's access to University is limited by a number of factor's that include:-

non-existent or inadequate childcare

inadequate bursaries/financial assistance

sex role stereotyping in primary and secondary education

societal attitudes about women's role

Thus women are underrepresented in overall student numbers, and particularly in medicine, engineering and architecture professions.  Women are also under represented in the high levels of university staff.

VUWSA demand the recognition of women's under representation, and that immediate steps by both the Government and the institutions involved to improve women's access to all education, and in particular to tertiary institutions."

"VUWSA recognises that Polynesian, Maori and women from other ethnic minorities in New Zealand face particular problems on the basis of their race and sex and supports any action to eradicate that discrimination."

"VUWSA recognises that overseas women students face particular difficulties and offers its support to them in their struggle against oppression."

"VUWSA recognises the fundamental importance of a women's rights to work and economic independence.  It further calls for the following:-

Equal Pay

VUWSA deplores any anomalies in the implementation of the Equal Pay Act such as Job reclassification.

VUWSA recognises that until such time as the Government enforces opportunities in employment, female students have special financial difficulties in attending university.

"That VUWSA recognises that women suffer oppression on the basis of their sex and that the struggle for the liberation of women is an integral part of the struggle for the liberation of all oppressed peoples.  Thus, VUWSA supports women's groups fighting for liberation."

"That VUWSA recognises that the word "sexism" is often misused.  Sexism does not only mean discrimination of one sex by another.  Sexism is also about the power of privilege as it is deployed through social, economic and political institutions.  Because these institutions are male created, male defined, and male controlled, men as a group have power over women.  Women organising together to fight against their oppression is not sexist as women do not have power over their oppressors.  Therefore to exclude men from women's group meetings, rooms, activities etc. or to organise Women's Officer positions in student bodies or departments is not sexist.  Further VUWSA recognises that sexism is related to racism and class oppression."

"VUWSA condemns the sexism and sex role stereotyping prevalent in our society which perpetuates the oppression of women."

"VUWSA recognises that the oppression of and discrimination against women in our society is an integral part of the overall economic exploitation inherent in the structure of our society."

"That in a conscious effort to fight sexism;

VUWSA adopts a policy of using non-sexist terminology and urges its constituents to do the same.

VUWSA urges student newspapers not to publish any sexist advertisements and articles and to publish material on women and the women's movement."

"VUWSA supports the introduction of non-sexist school readers into primary schools and the publication of other educational material throughout all educational levels that does not perpetuate sex-role stereotyping."

Section 6 - Women's Rights - Child Care & Equal Pay & Education

Child Care

"That VUWSA believes that full child care facilities are necessary to guarantee a parent's right to go to University and that the cost of crèche facilities should be met by the university administration."

"That this Association endorses the proposal by the Association of Women Academics that a full-time day-care centre for University staff be established."

"VUWSA supports the principle that crèche facilities for students and staff should be funded by the University."

"VUWSA believes that student and staff parents have the further right to a major role in the decision-making processes concerning the organisation and administration of these facilities."

"That VUWSA recognises the particular problems facing lesbian mothers especially as regards custody disputes."

"VUWSA believes that all solo parents should be entitled to relieve a realistic substitute for a living wage in recognition of the fact that child rearing is productive labour."

"VUWSA recognises the special difficulties faced by students and staff with children at university and presses for the extension of existing crèche facilities on campus."

"VUWSA demands immediate Government funded 24 hour childcare to enable women with children to work full-time if that is their choice.  VUWSA further notes that until professional low cost childcare is widely available, women will continue to be limited."

Equal Pay

"That the Association believes in the principles of equal pay and approves the establishment of equal pay in the catering services in this University."


"That this Association strongly supports the establishment of the Women's Studies course and opposes any attempt to make the course non-creditable to the B.A. Degree."

"That all those involved in teaching the 'Women in Society' course be paid for their efforts or have their workloads in other departments reduced."

"That this Association in recognising the value and importance of the Women's Studies Courses supports their expansion; and further considers that wherever applicable the courses should be accreditable to a students major requirements."

""VUWSA and WAC work towards encouraging as widely as possible the development of women's studies courses, in particular those which investigate the role of women in society, in order to educate people to an understanding of women's present position in society to assist in overcoming the oppression that women face and that, to this end, they work closely with the Women's Studies Association."

"VUWSA urges departmental heads to instruct their lecturing staff to give, in their lectures, full recognition of the contribution and role of women (as half the human race) to reflect the real status of women in society within that particular discipline."

"VUWSA oppose the use of educational material that perpetuates sex role stereo-typing and supports the introduction of educational material at all educational levels which counters sex role stereo-typing."

"VUWSA supports the appointment of a greater number of suitably qualified female staff within the University, and encourages women to apply for such positions.  SRC further urges that:

No discrimination occurs against women in application for promotion.

When considering applications form equally qualified individuals, women be given preference until women are more adequately represented among University staff."

Section 6 - Women's Rights - Abortion/Contraception


"That this Association believes that the Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Bill denies women their fundamental democratic right to choose whether or not to have a child."

"That this SRC endorses the International Abortion Rights Day on 31 March and its accompanying activities."

"That VUWSA condemns the recent interference in the medical profession by the Abortion Supervisory Committee and its attempts to impose a repressive policy on doctors and women that denies women their democratic right to control their reproductive lives."

"That this Association strongly condemns the Maternity Leave and Employment Protection Bill as being a sham that does nothing to protect New Zealand women from victimisation and discrimination."

"That VUWSA deplores the recent Court injunction on a Christchurch woman wanting an abortion and calls for the abolition of all such judicial means of women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term."

"That VUWSA condemns the continuing violent attacks, including bombs, on abortion clinics both in New Zealand and internationally."

"That VUWSA expresses extreme concern at the fact that women who are currently legally entitled to abortions are unable to obtain them due to the lack of certified consultants and doctors particularly in the South Island and calls on the Government to ensure that adequate facilities are made available."

"VUWSA condemns the  social conditions that lead to unwanted pregnancy and;

Urges the introduction of comprehensive sex education and human development courses at all levels of the education system (e.g. as recognised in the Johnston Report).

Urges the Government to;

(i)      Provide free contraception available to men and women regardless of age.

Provide free community birth control clinics for counselling and contraception.

Urges the Government to make voluntary, free sterilisation available to men and women as a birth control measure and that the person concerned, being fully informed, be solely responsible for the decision.

"That VUWSA recognises that Pacific Island, Maori women and women from other ethnic minorities may be denied the right to fully informed contraception, sterilisation and abortion choices because of cultural/language difficulties and urges the government and medical profession to take steps to alleviate those difficulties."

"VUWSA urges that all drugs and contraceptive devices that have proven or uncertain side effects for women be immediately withdrawn from the market.  Women should not be used as guinea pigs to the profit of multinational drug companies and the medical industry at large.  VUWSA further notes that Depo Provea, Dalkon Shield and Debendox and Tahlidomide are all specific examples that fall into the above category."

"VUWSA believes that contraceptives should be provided free to all students both male and female, and that adequate counselling on all contraceptive options as well as advise on any sexual matter, be freely available to all students.  Where any such provisions exist, Student Associations are urged to ensure their members are aware of them."

"That VUWSA support the repeal of the abortion laws so that the decision as to whether or not a pregnancy will be terminated can be made by the women concerned."

"That VUWSA condemns any moves by the Government to withdraw funding from the Family Planning Association and believes that specialist family planning clinics staffed by women doctors should continue to operate."

"That VUWSA supports further moves toward the establishment of abortion clinics in New Zealand to at lest allow present legally eligible women to gain abortion rapidly."

“THAT VUWSA supports and recognizes the important of access of safe, free and legal abortion, and that pregnant persons should have complete autonomy over their bodies to make a choice without bias, stigma, or pressure from external parties.”

Section 5 - Welfare - Welfare Levy & Other

Welfare Levy

"a)  That this Association calls on the University to resist the Government's attempts to use cuts in Welfare Services to implement further cuts in education spending.

That this Association endorses the recommendations of the Parry Report (1959) which recognised the importance of Welfare Services and Student Facilities as being one of the responsibilities the University has to students.

That this Association opposes:

Any reduction of Welfare Services spending by the University.

The introduction of a Welfare Services Levy.

The introduction of a user pays system to offset the costs of the Welfare Services to the University.

d)   That this Association opposes any increase in the percentage cost currently paid by students for the running costs of the Union and Recreation Centre facilities.

""That this Association's representatives, considering the issue of expenditure on the Welfare Services, strongly advocate the immediate and detailed investigation by the University of proposals to raise finances from external sources.

That the Association believes that no consideration of reductions in services should be made unless full proposals to raise finances from external sources have been presented to the Association and Council."

"That this Association while acknowledging the aims of the motion 85/80 recognises that the Association's priority must be to ensure that there is no real or notional increases in the Welfare Levy and empowers its representatives to give effect to this policy."

That VUWSA oppose any actions taken by WCC which will have the effect of removing the homeless from the streets.


"That due to the 50% increase in the workload of the Victoria Counselling Service in the last year, VUWSA calls for the immediate appointment of a third counsellor."

"That SRC endorse the proposal for the establishment of a Welfare Management Committee, and urges the Association to work for the implementation of the proposal."

"That VUWSA strongly opposes any suggestion of specific contribution from students to the Welfare Services."

"That VUWSA apply to local transport authorities for student concession for travel."

"That VUWSA call upon the Dentists' Association to show their professional integrity by immediately establishing a standard and universal scale of charges, and that VUWSA call on the Government to implement a plan to integrate dental services with the national health services."

"That VUWSA believes that full child care facilities are necessary to guarantee a parent's right to go to university and that the cost of crèche facilities should be met by the University administration."

"That this Association endorses the proposal by the Association of Women Academics that a full-time day-care centre for University staff be established."

"That this Association recommends through all the appropriate University committees that the Library and Welfare Services be declared an absolute priority and that no further cuts be made to expenditure."

"That VUWSA condemns the Government's short-sighted cuts to the health system and sees this as being a planned part of its overall policies to restructure the economy to further the interests of big business at the expense of New Zealand's welfare state."

"That VUWSA opposes the announced increase in Wellington City Council bus fare for the following reasons:

Increased transport costs for those on fixed incomes.

Probable increase in rents for inner city accommodation.

An increase in the shortage of that accommodation.

Further, that this opposition is communicated to the Wellington City Council."

"That VUWSA supports the Weir House Residents' Association in its efforts to prevent students, in particular overseas students, leaving Weir House, having to pay undue financial penalties, and urges Weir House, and other hostels serving university students to recognise students' right to leave hostels during the year without any financial penalty provided reasonable notice is given."

""That the Association urge the University to retain full-time Careers Advisors, because of the increasing problem, faced by students in finding employment both in careers and during the summer vacation."

Section 5 - Welfare - Student Housing & Employment of Students

Student Housing

SRC has recommended the following financial incentives to build student flats:-

1.   State Advances Loans; local body loans on the same terms as for pensioner housing; tax concessions to firms.

2.   A revamping of the subsidy system.

3.   University Grants Committee giving the same priority to accommodation buildings as academic ones, at the same subsidy rates.

"That this Association continue to support the Wellington Tenants' Union and show this constructively by donating $100 to the Union to enable it to pursue its goals of acting as a advocate for tenants."

"That this Association recognising that there is an accommodation shortage for students and other low income earners; and further, recognising that there are many unoccupied flats and houses in Wellington, calls on the City Council, Government, University and other landlords to make available buildings under their control for use as accommodation for students and other low income earners."

"That this Association recommends to the Executive that $200 be made available to the Accommodation Action Committee."

Employment of Students

"That VUWSA supports the principle that the Student Community Service Scheme should be:-

made a permanent provision to provide holiday employment for students,

given official Government approval at an early enough date or at least two months before the commencement of the long summer vacation."

"That this Association while appreciating the early announcement of the Student Community Service Programme in the Budget, notes that this advantage has been lost by the decision taken without consultation with the NZUSA to impose a four week stand down period for all students on the Programme, which means that no students can be employed on the SCSP before 1 December, and expresses its deep concern to the Minister of Labour at the significant impact the decision will have on holiday incomes of a substantial portion of students."

"That this association strongly condemns the Government's decision to scrap the Student Community Service Programme (SCSP) as another attack on the principle of open entry to university and demands that the scheme be restored.  Furthermore, this Association urges all students to support the 'Summer Jobs for Students Campaign' and to participate in the national day of action on July 21, and calls on all lecturers to cancel their classes, and all non-academic staff employed at the University to consider striking that day; and therefore this SRC resolves to establish a fighting fund of $200 for the campaign; and calls on all SRC representatives to immediately raise the issue on their respective committees."

"That this Association believes that the scrapping of SCSP will have a direct and detrimental effect on community groups, the aged and disabled in our community, on children deprived of recreation programmes in suburbs, on the entertainment programmes over the summer in Wellington City, and of the users of public beaches an swimming pools in the Wellington Area deprived of adequate life guards.  Further that this Association calls on community groups to express their opposition to the move."

"That this Association express its support for the NZUSA Youth Employment Campaign with its particular focus on the demands for

1. No Youth Rates;

2. Summer Jobs, and

3. urges everyone to participate in the focus week activities from July 18-22 in   particular the action on Friday July 22nd."

Section 4 - National Issues - Disability Support & Other

Disability Support

"That VUWSA recognise that disabled persons have the right to attend and fully participate at all levels of University life.  That following this VUWSA make a commitment to work with disabled people to remove the barriers, both physical and social, that prevent disabled people from attending and fully participating fully in university life."

"That in order to facilitate work on access to education for disabled people, VUWSA supports the setting up of a Disabled Action Group on this campus and this be encouraged to be done in the third term of 1985."

"That VUWSA supports the call from the disabled caucus for the caucus to be a regular event at NZUSA General meetings."


"That VUWSA urge the Government to grant housing corporation loans for the purpose of purchasing and/or renovation of existing houses."

"1)  That NZUSA asks the Government to restrict the assisted immigration of professional workers into New Zealand from developing countries so as to avoid undue strain on the resources of developing countries.

That NZUSA ask the Government to encourage the developed countries to do the same."

That NZUSA ask the Government to allow more students bonded to return to their own countries to train in New Zealand as a contribution to developing countries' training programme."

"That VUWSA believes that the Island Immigration work quota should be based upon the economic needs and planning of Island economies and not on the needs of New Zealand employers."

"That VUWSA deplores the unrestricted plunder of our fishing resources by foreign fishing fleets, especially those of the USSR and Japan."

"That NZUSA express its view that licensing laws in New Zealand should be liberalised…"

"That VUWSA opposes the Licensing Legislation for the exhibition of films in New Zealand, and believes that no exhibitors' licence should be required for the showing of films."

"That this Association endorses the march against the cutback of the Domestic Purposes Benefit."

"That this Association strongly opposes the raising of motorcycle registration fees."

"That VUWSA sees car-less days as being an unfair and iniquitous system."

"That VUWSA expresses its strong opposition to Government attacks on CORSO, namely:-

cutting its $40 000 administration grant; and

the removal of tax exemptions for donations."

"That VUWSA supports military and economic non-alignment for New Zealand as a progressive policy which best ensures the nation's external security."

"That VUWSA condemns the Government's short-sighted cuts to the health system and sees this as being a planned part of its overall policies to restructure the economy to further the interests of big business at the expense of New Zealand's welfare state."

"That VUWSA supports the establishment throughout New Zealand of Neighbourhood Law Offices, and that such offices should be funded by the Government, being essential to establishing a just legal system in this country."

"That VUWSA believes that before any taxation proposal is supported by VUWSA it should:

Be highly progressive for income and wealth.

Contain taxable income brackets which are inflation indexed.

Tax companies at a rate more akin to the early 1960's in New Zealand.

Include all incomes such as fringe benefits for assessable income.

Acknowledge the real costs of reproduction of the workforce by financing more of the social wage from a wide tax base.

Contain elements such as rebates for disadvantaged cases.

Contain no sales taxes on basic commodities.

Contain no tax on low incomes and social welfare benefits."

"That VUWSA endorse the concept and establishment of T Runanga Tauira o Aotearoa and recognise this as the official voice of Maori university students."

"That VUWSA supports the establishment of a Tumaki Maori Collective consisting of two full time officers."

“That VUWSA believes in the principle of equal pay for work of equal value, and endorses the current campaign by the coalition for Equal Value/Equal Pay.”

"That VUWSA supports the efforts of the Electoral Reform Coalition in calling for a referendum to be held in 1988 on the issue of electoral reform and supports the mixed-member proportional representation option."

"That VUWSA express its deep concern at the lack of safe-sex practices in New Zealand and that VUWSA take the following actions:

That  a SRC Officer to be called the Safe Sex Officer be established.

That a SRC sub-committee to be called the Safe Sex Sub-Committee be established.

That the Safe Sex Sub-Committee be funded by a student levy equal to the price of a packet of condoms.

That a Safe-Sex Week be established, where students shall be encouraged to provide proof of their use of condoms.

That the Secretary send a telegram to the Minister of Health supporting the establishment of a Ministry of Safe Sex.

"That VUWSA condemns the announced sale of Telecom because it feels that Telecommunication are a vital social service, and that the effects of rampant commercialisation have already had such detrimental results on students and the general community."

"That VUWSA expresses its opposition to the increase in public transport costs announced by the Wellington City Council, because of the detrimental effect it will have on the environment due to the increased use of private vehicles which will result, and because of the financial difficulties it will cause students."

“That VUWSA oppose any action taken by the Wellington City Council which will have the effect of removing the homeless from the streets.”

“That VUWSA oppose any privatisation of public water, as it is a public good.”

“That VUWSA condemn the attempt by the Wellington City Council to ban “political” material from the Cuba Street Carnival, such as anti-bypass information”

“VUWSA denounce Communism”

“VUWSA ends support for any organisation involved in illegal activities”

“VUWSA support one standard of citizenship for all”

“That VUWSA support the recent high court ruling that it is legal to burn the New

Zealand Flag”

“That VUWSA oppose school closures planned by the current government”

“That VUWSA support the changing of the current New Zealand Flag”

“That VUWSA support the legalisation of Voluntary Euthanasia”

1. “That VUWSA congratulate Rodney Hide on his election to Parliament”.

2. “That VUWSA sends congratulations to the members of the Maori Party elected to Parliament.”

3. “That VUWSA congratulate Nick O’Kane on being elected to Publications Committee”

4. “That VUWSA extend commiserations to no confidence for being beaten by Nick O’Kane

Section 4 - National Issues - Foreign Control & Drugs

Foreign Control

"That this Association support the aims and goals of the 'Campaign Against Foreign Control in New Zealand'  (CAFCINZ)."

"That this Association opposes any take-over of the Gear Meat Company by Thos. Borthwick and Sons and being detrimental to the interests of New Zealand people by giving even greater power to manipulate New Zealand industry to foreign monopolies."

"That this SRC opposes recent Government moves lifting price controls on some items and encouraging foreign investment in New Zealand."

"That this Association opposes the Government's proposed National Development Bill and any other similar legislation."

"That VUWSA sees the increasing foreign investment in New Zealand as posing a serious threat to the countries economic and political independence, and believes that severe restraints should be placed on foreign controlled industry."

“That VUWSA condemn all forms of anti-Semitism and discrimination in New Zealand and around the world”

“That VUWSA supports the public statement on Ahmed Zaoui which makes the following 3 requests:

1.    New Zealand will abide by its commitments under the Refugee and Torture conventions;

2.    He (Zaoui) will be transferred immediately on bail to the community of Dominican Friars in central Auckland, who have offered to host him while official processes are concluded and

3. The allegation that he is a threat to national security will be examined on the basis of testable evidence presented in fair proceedings.


"That cannabis be removed from the narcotics list."

"That NZUSA call upon the Government to amend New Zealand's narcotic legislation to include the legalisation of controlled use of marijuana."

"That this Association opposes the imposition of the death penalty for drug-pushing in New Zealand."

"That VUWSA condemns the proposed amendments to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 on the grounds that they are an infringement of civil liberties and that the guilty until proven innocent nature of this Act represents the antithesis of the fundamental premises upon which New Zealand's judicial system is based."

"That a telegram be sent by VUWSA to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health conveying the sentiments expressed in motion 182/78 and also requesting the institution of a programme of decriminalisation, aimed at the legalisation of the possession and cultivation of marijuana for personal use."

“That VUWSA support legalising Marijuana.”

Section 4 - National Issues - Environment


"That this Association oppose any development in New Zealand which does not take into account the factors of long-term environmental, conservation and preservation considerations."

"That VUWSA endorses the principle of the Marura Declaration and deplores the Government's virtually complete rejection of these recommendations."

"That this Association recognises that ecological problems cannot be solved under our present economic system and any attempts to solve them will in the long term be thwarted by the very nature of this system."

"That this Association calls upon the Government to decline any proposal for the exploitation of South Island beech forests which would result in these beech forests ceasing to exist in their present form."

"That this Association opposes the introduction of nuclear-power stations."

"That VUWSA supports E.C.O. and the Native Forests Action Council in their endeavours to save the central North Island native forests."

"That VUWSA opposes all forms of excessive, unnecessary and inappropriate packaging."

"That VUWSA actively supports the use of the techniques and products that enable sensible reuse and recycling."

"That VUWSA:

Opposes the introduction of non-returnable soft drink bottles.

Presses for an increase in the present deposit for beverage bottles.

Presses for the increase in bottle deposits to be accompanied by an increase in the price of beverage cans.

Presses for the phasing out of present composite beverage cans to be replaced by recyclable (i.e. aluminium) cans.

Presses for standardisation of refunds on milk bottles."

"That VUWSA notes with concern the abuse by the present Government of Environmental Impact and Audit procedures and especially calls for such procedures to be followed in the cases of the Ammonia Urea Plant, the Wellington Harbour development and the alteration to the current milk supply."

"That this Association establishes an Environmental Resource Centre on campus, to provide a technical background for students and staff involved in environmental matters, to work also as a complement to the recently established Wellington Environment and Peach Information Centre."

"That this Association opposes the Government's proposed National Development Bill and any other similar legislation."

"That this Association calls for the resignation or sacking (whichever happens first) of the minister of Environment, Venn Young, due to his decision as Minister of Forests to proceed with logging Whirinaki Forest Block 10 in 1979."

"That this Association believes that the portfolios of Minister for the Environment and Forests should be separated."

"That VUWSA condemns the move by the Minister of Lands, Venn Young, in making the National Parks Board a section of the Lands and Survey Department."

"That this Association believes that New Zealand should become more involved with sensible community-based recycling and reuse of all commodities and materials."

"That VUWSA urges the suspension of rural spraying of 245T and calls for a full public enquiry into the use of chemicals for pest control."

"That this association oppose the following:

all nuclear armed or powered vehicles

all nuclear weapons testing

all nuclear waste ocean dumping

all nuclear and other radiation emanating from television sets, watches, the sun and all nuclear families-

This policy stands in the recognition that such actions constitute a totally unacceptable threat to world peace and the environment."

"That this SRC view with concern the proposed Wildlife and Scenic Rivers legislation and the implication of such legislation."

"That this Association Expresses its deep concern over recent remarks made by Bishop Edward Norman on the subject of nuclear deterrence.  And this Association asks the Bishop to re-examine his conscience and ask himself whether it is morally responsible of him to condemn outright a movement deeply committed to the aims of peace."

"VUWSA would like to express its shock and sympathy at the bombing and murder upon the Rainbow Warrior.  Furthermore that this Association donates $100 to Greenpeace."

"That this Association support the Coalition against Nuclear Warships to oppose the visit of the USS Truxton and donate $100 to the Coalition."

"That this Association supports the Maritime Unions in their principled stand against nuclear warships and urges the Government to take immediate steps to remove the USS Truxton and prohibit any further visits of nuclear warships to New Zealand."

"That this Association endorses and actively supports the campaign against nuclear warships (CANWAR)."

“That VUWSA oppose any privatisation of public water as it is a public good”.

“That VUWSA opposes the lifting of the GE Moratorium”

“That VUWSA campaign for a GE-free campus”

“That VUWSA urge the university administration for Victoria to be placed on the GE Free register”

That the VUWSA exec formulate an environmental policy.

“That VUWSA oppose extreme left wingers taking over the New Zealand Government”

“That VUWSA supports growing moustaches during the month of May”

“That VUWSA supports the say no to Destiny campaign””

"That Victoria University begin a consultative process immediately to lead to implementation of an environmental policy by the end of 2005, and that VUWSA actively lobby the University in this regard until such a policy is implemented."

“THAT VUWSA actively oppose the proposed mining of Schedule 4 land.”

“THAT VUWSA opposes all forms of whaling.”

“THAT VUWSA acknowledges the current and future impacts of climate change on students and society and the need for an urgent and comprehensive response.”

“THAT VUWSA take appropriate action where possible to support the transition to a prosperous and equitable low-carbon economy.”

Section 4 - National Issues - S.I.S & Employment and Trade Unions


"That no member of the Security Service be allowed to enrol at this University."

"That this Association calls on the Government to disband the Security Service."

"That, should the New Zealand SIS Amendment Bill become law, VUWSA resolves to actively contravene Clauses 6 and 7 relating to the publication of information about the SIS, and to morally and financially support any of its members in acting in accordance with this policy."

"That VUWSA condemns and expresses its total opposition to the SIS Amendment Bill, recognising it as a major part of the continued attack on the democratic rights and freedoms of New Zealanders."

"That VUWSA:

Condemn the Immigration Bill (1983) as racist and threatening to the rights and liberties of all New Zealanders and immigrants; as detrimental to relations between New Zealand and neighbouring states; and as promoting greater racial tension.;

Recognise the Bill as a continuation of attacks on the rights and liberties of New Zealanders;

Welcomes moves by school teachers and other sectors who have refused to police the provisions of the bill; and

Calls upon the University and its staff to refuse to act as agents of enforcement of this or similar legislation.

Furthermore, that all VUWSA representatives on the appropriate university committees raise this matter."

"That the President, VUWSA, issue a press statement to that effect and showing support to the submissions made by NZUSA, AUSA and similar submissions by other organisations."

“That VUWSA is opposed to the building of a satellite listening base at Waihopai, near Blenheim, on the grounds that the decision to build the base has not passed through the proper parliamentary procedures, that there has been no discussion of such details as the legality of the base and its costs, and most importantly that it is an infringement of the rights of the people of the South Pacific.”

Employment and Trade Unions


"That this Association believes in the right of workers to organise freely, to bargain directly with their employers and to withdraw their labour.  Therefore, VUWSA totally opposes state interference in trade unions, restrictions on negotiations between unions and employers, and the use of fines and other penalties against the trade union movement under industrial legislation."

"That VUWSA supports the principle of free bargaining between workers and their employers, and resolves to support their unions and workers, who oppose the heavy-handed application of a 'social contract' in New Zealand."

"That this SRC actively supports any moves made by the Wellington Trades Council opposing the recent attacks on New Zealanders' living standards, in particular the price increases in electricity, milk and butter and demand for wage restraint…"

"That VUWSA adopts closer ties with the Wellington Trades Council and that approaches be made to obtain observer status initially in order that VUWSA can pursue the policies of mutual interest and benefit of both organisations."

SRC passed several motions giving support to the General Strike in September 1979.

"That VUWSA opposes all Government moves to legalise extended shop trading hours."

"That VUWSA recognises the Government's unemployment figures are underestimated and feels that a household method of assessment should be used to determine a more accurate record that at present."

"That this Association believes that all workers single or married who became unemployed are entitled to receive the Unemployment Benefit."

"That this Association condemns the management of the Levin Clothing firm Rixens, for failing to enter into redundancy negotiations following the sacking of all its 67 workers.  Further, that this Association send a letter to the dismissed workers and to the Clothing Workers' Union expressing our support for their struggle to obtain reasonable redundancy pay."

"That VUWSA calls on the Government to lift immediately the wage and price freeze as this has the effect of seriously reducing the living standards of working people and will do little to reduce inflation.  Further, that this Association supports the campaign of the union movement to defeat this latest Government offensive."

"That VUWSA opposes the Governments decision to extend the wage/price freeze to the end of February 1984 and calls on the Government to lift the freeze.  This Association notes that workers on the average wage have suffered a 10% cut in real wages since their last wage increase in 1981.  This has brought about a decrease in spending power causing a big drop in production and huge increases in unemployment.  Furthermore VUWSA supports the FoL's and Unemployment Group's claim for an immediate $20 across the board increase for wages and benefits."


"That VUWSA opposes the Governments decision to extend the wage/price freeze to the end of February 1984 without introducing more effective measures to deal with the economy…"

"That VUWSA oppose the introduction of voluntary unionism, believing it will lead to the exploitation and intimidation of workers by employers.  Voluntary unionism will severely affect women workers, especially part-time workers, women employed in work situations where they are isolated from the support of other workers.  As a result they will be forced to retreat even further into situations of economic dependence."

"That VUWSA support the Federation of Labour in its campaign for a greater than $8 a week pay increase.  Further that VUWSA actively support industrial action taken by unions in support of the Federation of Labour's Campaign."

"That VUWSA supports the New Zealand Seaman's Union in their struggle to increase the amount of New Zealand exports carried on New Zealand ships.  Furthermore, that this Association calls upon Government to implement policy to bring this about."

“That VUWSA campaign for a significant increase to the minimum wage which is currently only $9 an hour and lower than the minimum wage in Australia”

“That VUWSA Support the SuperSizeMyPay Campaign”

Section 4 - National Issues - Racism


"That VUWSA opposes discrimination on the basis of race, culture, sex or sexuality."

"That VUWSA recognises that institutional racism exists in New Zealand society and NZUSA N53 "That NZUSA commit itself to fight racism in New Zealand in consultation with Maori and non-Maori Polynesian and other anti-racism groups and make its facilities available to groups  on the same basis as anti-apartheid and anti-war groups."

"That VUWSA condemns all conscious and unintentional racist acts."

"That this Association supports the protest of the Ngati Whatua at Bastion Point."

"That VUWSA protest the massive police eviction of the peaceful protestors at Bastion Point and calls for the unoccupied land to be returned to the Ngati Whatua of Tamaki and that all charges against those arrested be dropped."

"That this Association sends a telegram to the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa, conveying our support for their principled and courageous stand against countries that persist in encouraging the South African Government's policy of racist sport."

"That VUWSA condemns the proposed tour of New Zealand in 1981 by the Springboks as it gives support to the racist regime of South Africa."

"That VUWSA condemn the decision of the New Zealand Rugby Union to invite a Springbok team here next year, and that this be passed on to the New Zealand Government and the Rugby Union."

"That this Association gives its full support to the proposed May 1 demonstration against the Springbok Tour, and the Students' Representative Council recommends to the Executive that $500 of Association funds be set aside for the campaign."

"That this Association, expressing its opposition to the proposed Springbok Tour, require its representatives on the Union Management Committee to move that the Union Management Committee not make any of its facilities available to the Springbok team or any groups acting as host to that team, and further that the committee recommend to the University Council that it make similar steps with regard to the University facilities."

"That VUWSA urges all lecturers to cancel lectures on the afternoon of Wednesday July 22, and urge all the students to boycott lectures not cancelled and attend the "Stop the Tour" demonstration organised on that day.  Further VUWSA supports the general strategy for stopping the Springbok Tour adopted by the New Zealand Anti-Apartheid movement."

"That this SRC recommends to the Executive that VUWSA allocate $1000 towards a legal fund for the purpose of providing help with bail money, legal aid, and excessive fines to members of the Association who may be arrested and face conviction for taking part in activities approved as part of the "Stop the '81 Tour" Campaign.

Further, that a committee of the President, Secretary and three others be appointed by the Executive to administer the fund.

And further that the discussions of the committee be open and that its decisions be made public.

And that the criteria for assistance be as follows:

On the basis of need

Each case should be treated on its merits

That in the case of fines, assistance be given when the fine is excessive having regard to the previous level of the fines."

"That this SRC endorses the Executive position with regard to Rebecca Evans' participation in the forthcoming 'Women and Racism' speaking tour."

"That VUWSA expresses its support for the struggle of the Ngati Whatua people to retain the land which is theirs by right and supports any move by them to reoccupy Takaparawha (Bastion Point)."

"That VUWSA send two delegates to the 'Stop the 85 tour' conference to be held at Labour Weekend, these delegates to be appointed at this SRC further that the sum of $30 for registration be deducted from the SRC budget."

"That VUWSA become a sponsor of HART, the New Zealand Anti-Apartheid Movement."

"That this Association donate $400 from the SRC donations budget to C.O.S.T. to help it in the continuing struggle to stop the racist NZRFU tour from proceeding."

"That this Association is opposed to the Rugby Union's to tour South Africa in 1985 and that this decision to be communicated with the Rugby Union, the Government and the President release an appropriate press release."

"That Hitler T-shirts be banned from SRCs."

"That this Association condemn the present tour of South Africa by the rebel rugby team and calls upon the New Zealand Rugby Football Union (NZRFU) to impose the strongest possible sanctions on the members of this team to discourage sporting links with South Africa."

"That a letter of support be sent to Mr Mounter, TVNZ Director General, supporting his directive not to provide sports coverage for the rebel tour of South Africa."

Section 4 - National Issues - Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties

"That this Association upholds the right of conscientious objectors to oppose their conscription into the armed forces…"

"That NZUSA urges the Government to open all Parliamentary Select Committees and delegations to the public."

"That this Association condemns the recent seizures by the police of medical records."

"That this SRC condemns the Government's decision to ban private students from Southern Africa from taking part in political activities and this SRC treats it as an infringement on civil liberties."

"That VUWSA opposes the continued existence and concept of the Wanganui Computer Centre."

"That VUWSA and NZUSA call for the repeal of the Official Secrets Act and call upon the Government to recognise the New Zealand People's right for access to the information used in decision making processes and enact a Freedom of Information Act."

"That this Association send a strong letter of protest to the Wellington District Commander of Police regarding the presence of a police photographer at the Education march on April 8.  

Further, that as no breach of the law took place, this Association demands an explanation in regard to:

The taking of photographs

The existence of negatives

The existence of prints

The claim of the police officer concerned that he was freelancer for the Evening Post."

"That VUWSA strongly condemn police action in the killing of Paul Chase and while recognising the appointment of a QC as a first step, calls for a public inquiry into police procedure surrounding this incident and in general use of firearms."

"That VUWSA donate $150 to the campaign for a public inquiry into the killing of Paul Chase and provide other practical support to the campaign.  Further, that a member of the Executive be instructed to communicate our condolences and support to the family and that in doing so, costs be taken out of the SRC budget."

"That VUWSA believes sexual harassment is any form of sexual attention that is unsolicited, unwanted or persistent.  It includes comments of a sexual nature, unwelcome actions such as leers, gestures or physical contact such as patting, pinching or brushing up against another person's body to subtle or explicit demands which make a person feel emotionally, psychologically or physically pressured into having sexual activity.

"That VUWSA believes there should be a 3 tier sexual harassment grievance procedure to deal with sexual harassment on campus.  This includes:-

Contact people (for support information).

Mediator (to try and resolve it informally).

Grievance Committee of students, staff and administration (to hear a formal complaint).

“That VUWSA opposes discrimination on the basis of race, culture, sex or sexuality.”

Section 4 - National Issues - Gay Rights

Gay Rights

"That VUWSA urges the Government to reform the law relating to homosexual offences so that homosexual acts between consenting adult males in private shall no longer be a criminal offence."

"1.  Rescind 8/69 and replace with:

      That VUWSA believes sexual acts between consenting persons 16 years and over should be free from any legal restrictions.

That VUWSA support Homosexual Law Reform removing section 141 and 142 from the crimes act, 1961.

*NOTE:  Section 141 reads:

Indecency between males:-

Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years who, being male,-

Indecently assaults any other male; or

Does any indecent act with or upon any other male; or

Induces or permits any other male to do any indecent act with or upon him.

No boy under the age of 16 years shall be charged with committing or being a party to an offence against paragraph (b) or paragraph (c) of subsection (I) of this section, unless the other male was under the age of twenty one years.

It is no defence to a charge under this section that the other party consented.

*NOTE:  Section 142 reads:

Every one who commits sodomy is liable-

Where the act of sodomy is committed on a female, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years;

Where the act of sodomy is committed on a male, and at the time of the act that male is under the age of 16 years, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years;

In any other case, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years.

This offence is complete upon penetration.

Where sodomy is committed on any person under the age of 16 years he shall not be charged with being a party to an offence against Section 141 of this Act in any case in which that section is applicable.

It is no defence to a charge under this section that the other party consented.

That VUWSA believes that all forms of non-exploitative sexuality are valid and                  further that society's present emphasis on heterosexuality is oppressive and restrictive.

That VUWSA believes lesbians are oppressed by this society both because they are women and by virtue of their sexuality.  Their experiences are trivialised, their contributions ignored, and they are harassed on campus, in employment, as mothers, on the streets, and in all facts of everyday life.  Moreover, the term 'lesbian' is often used as an insult to discredit feminist activities in the student movement and in society in general, and is also used as a general insult.

That VUWSA urge all students to support gay and lesbian groups in organising events to highlight Gay Pride Week and Lesbian Visibility Week.

That VUWSA recognises the particular problems facing lesbian mothers, especially as regards custody disputes."

"That NZUSA do become a corporate member of the New Zealand Homosexual Law Reform Society (Inc.)."

"That VUWSA opposes discrimination on the basis of race, culture, sex or sexuality."

"That VUWSA supports Gay Liberation and affirms all individuals' rights to determine their own sexuality without economic, social, or political constraint."

"That this SRC condemn the attack by the speaker at a Liferight forum, Delwyn Lewin, on the right of lesbian women and gay men to adopt and/or raise children free from discrimination."

"To show VUWSA support for the International Year of the Lesbian and Gay, $100 be donated from the SRC donations budget to the Lesbian/Gay Student Group towards the expenses of holding a workshop at the National Lesbian and Gay Conference to be held in Christchurch over Easter this Year."

"That VUWSA condemns the actions of various groups for their hysterical ill-informed homophobic campaign against the Homosexual Law Reform Bill and for inciting hatred of and violence against gays and lesbians."

"VUWSA affirms all individuals rights to determine their own sexual orientation without moral, economic, social or political constraint."

"That VUWSA urges all constituents to liase closely with local lesbian/gay groups to co-ordinate activities; share resources and information and organise events on campus such as workshops, forums and social events."

"That VUWSA urges all constituents to support local gay and lesbian groups in organising events to highlight Gay Pride Week and other focus weeks regarding sexuality."

“That VUWSA supports lesbian/gay liberation and affirms all individuals rights to determine their own sexuality without economic, social or political constraint.”

"That VUWSA supports the Homosexual Law Reform Bill in its entirety.  In particular VUWSA supports:-

The age of consent for lesbian/gay sexual activity being the same as for heterosexual activity (16 years).

The amendment to the Human Rights Commission Act which makes discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation illegal.

The provisions in the Bill which give boys and girls equal protection from sexual molestation and abuse.

Further that VUWSA believes any gay/lesbian law reform should also:-

outlaw material which incites hatred of people on the grounds of their sexual orientation (equivalent to present legislation regarding the outlawing of material inciting racial hatred).

Clearly enable affirmative action measures for gays and lesbians such as gay/lesbian only clubs and activities; representative positions for lesbians and gays; education material etc."

“THAT the VUWSA Executive actively supports the Legalise Love campaign.”

Section 3 - The University - Academic Freedom & Other

Academic Freedom

"That VUWSA believes that intellectual freedom is the basis of academic freedom and as such is essential for the development of a free and liberal education system.  To this end VUWSA continues to condemn any attacks on or attempts to restrict academic and intellectual freedom.  Furthermore, VUWSA believes that the development of a critical academia is vital to the formation of a complete education system and encourages moves towards critical schools."

"That VUWSA view the report of the Commissaries to the Visitor on the case of Bob Rig as an unwarranted assault on the integrity of an academic and an attempt to ensure that he is never again employed as a university teacher.  Furthermore, this report is an expression of a growing climate conducive to limiting academic and intellectual freedom.  VUWSA views these as serious attacks on education and instructs the President to write to the Governor General expressing our concerns in the strongest possible terms."

"That this Association abhors the practises leading to the physical and verbal attack an blacklisting of Auckland writer Mervyns Thompson.  We believe no one should be subjected to these forms of violence and that written works should not be condemned because of their author.  Furthermore this Association agrees to release a press statement to that effect, to be prepared by the mover of the motion, and approved by the president."



"That this Association would support in principle any moves to increase the representation of sub-professorial staff on the University's decision-making bodies."

"That this Association supports the principle that the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman extends to the Universities of New Zealand…"

"That VUWSA believes that the draft report on the layout of the Academic Year is inadequate and that before the Association gives its support to any proposals, more information on alternative means of laying out the year be made available to students and that student opinion be more fully canvassed and considered."

"That VUWSA endorse the following recommendations of the Teaching and Learning Committee's report on the Layout of the Academic Year:

1.  That the University should retain a layout of the academic year which provides for a mid-year examination period.

3.  That the mid-year break period be extended by one week for half year courses to allow additional time for marking, advising, and course changes.

That both the May and August two week non-time-tabled periods should be retained.

That the May and August two week non-time-tabled periods should overlap by at least on week with the vacation periods of other universities.

That VUWSA opposes the recommendation number 2:  That mid-year examination period be extended by using the proceeding Saturday.

That VUWSA opposes the proposed layout of the academic year as set out in recommendation 7, for the following reasons:

It allows insufficient time for preparation before end of year examinations for undergraduate students.

It makes no attempt to alleviate the revision problem in the week before mid-year examinations.

Further that VUWSA urges the Faculties and Professorial Board to include the VUWSA policy on assessment (VUWSA57/77) as part of recommendation 8 of the report."

"That VUWSA endorses a proposed new layout of the academic year, being the Committee's recommendation with the following changes:

That the full-year teaching week in W24 be removed and that this week become a non-time-tabled review period, in order to allow adequate revision before mid-year examinations.

That a week of time-tabled teaching time for full-year courses be added in W41 making this a full teaching week for all courses.

That W42 become a full revision week for all courses.

That the examining period be weeks 43, 44, and 45, and that the marking period end by W48."

"That this SRC deplores the action of the University Administration over its sponsoring of the Labour Department’s STEPs programme and furthermore demands that the Administration review its position and remove its support for the scheme."

"That this Association considers the present staffing levels in Drama and Film to be inadequate and call upon the University to increase the number of staff to a level that can cope with student demand.

That this Association considers the introduction of majors in Drama and Film to be of a high priority.

That this Association calls on the University to recognise the importance of mass-media forms of communication within society as Film, Video, Television, Radio and printed media if relevant, when deciding on the curriculum to be covered by staff in any proposed Communication Studies Department."

"That SRC237/78 be repealed and that VUWSA pursue a grievance procedure to be negotiated between AUTNZ, NZUSA and NZVCC incorporating the following principles:

A standing commisionary should be appointed after consultation with the above bodies for a 3 year term;

At any time that the Visitor is called upon to act, the Commissary should be assisted by two colleagues, one each to be appointed from standing nominees of AUTNZ, NZUSA or NZVCC as appropriate to the particular case;

The nominees of the organisation should be appointed on fixed terms;

The Visitor should be able to impose a remedy;

The procedure to be consistent with the following:

complaints should first use the internal complaints procedure, where these exist;

that strict time limits apply to the processing of all complaints and the decision to accept jurisdiction;

that proper notice of all complaints to other concerned parties be given;

that the form of the enquiry be flexible to suit the circumstances;

that all parties have the opportunity to be heard, and where appropriate, be represented by legal counsel;

that procedures be economic and expeditious;

that the Commissaries have appropriate powers to discover documents and other necessary information;

that the relevant university provide all reasonable services for the Commissaries and any hearings."

"That VUWSA request that the Students' Association be made automatic recipients of UTDC end-of-course student evaluation results for the purposes of the publication of a course evaluations booklet."

"That VUWSA condemns the loss of the lecture-free slot and demands its re-instatement."

"(i)  That VUWSA recognise that police on campus would undermine the free and open exchange of ideas and impede the development of an effective learning environment, and would provide no solution to the problem of student security.

(ii)  That VUWSA supports its members in any active opposition to the introduction of police on campus.

(iii)  That VUWSA instructs its representatives to the vice-chancellor and Registrar to fight the introduction of police on campus."

"(i)  That VUWSA recognise that police on campus would undermine the free and open exchange of ideas and impede the development of an effective learning environment, and would provide no solution to the problem of student security.

(ii)  That VUWSA supports its members in any active opposition to the introduction of police on campus.

(iii)  That VUWSA instructs its representatives to the vice-chancellor and Registrar to fight the introduction of police on campus."

“That the SRC opposes the lack of consultation with staff and students on the Collection Appraisal project”

“THAT VUWSA does not oppose Police on Campus.”

Section 3 - The University - Library & University Facilities


"That the Students' Association view with concern any proposals to fragment the library collection of books and periodicals, and therefore oppose the establishment of additional departmental libraries away from the present and main library facilities."

"That this Association strongly condemn the reduction in the library hours and actively work to stop this decision being implemented by official protest and by co-ordinated student action, if necessary."

"That this Association considers that the library is the most necessary adjunct to students' studies and research so that it should be allowed unrestricted growth and development and be given precedence over any other University department in the Rinkine Brown Building."

"That the Executive be directed to complain in the strongest possible terms about the inadequacy of library financing and enquire in particular about the reason that the VUW Library spends $83.00 less per effective full-time student than the recommended amount."

"That this Association recommends through all the appropriate University committees that the library and welfare services be declared an absolute priority and that no further cuts be made to its expenditure."

"That this Association believes:

 That the University Library is a necessary and essential facility for the Association's members to undertake study and research.

That every authorised user of the Library has a right to pursue work without unnecessary disturbance and distraction and has a corresponding duty to respect the rights of other users.

That the Table of Library fines and charges should be set -

to ensure the rights of responsible users are protected

bearing in mind the ability of the majority of Association members to pay such fines and charges

That its members interests are best served by a central Library facility.

Therefore this Association is opposed to any fragmentation of the Library's collections.

Further if such fragmentation does occur that this Association believes that our members access rights to and service from the Satellite Library should be the same as to the Main Library."

“That VUWSA believes that the library should remain open over Easter, and that this be given priority over (if necessary) low-use periods.”

University Facilities

"That this Association opposes the demolition of Hunter Building and proposes the alternative of upgrading and retaining this building in such a way as to maintain its architectural features intact."

"That this SRC require the University Council representative to request that the University Council purchase fruit bearing trees for planting around the University."

"That this SRC request the site Committee representative to request transplanting of the plants obtained from the WCC on the bank opposite the Institute of Criminology on Kelburn Parade."

"That why when there is such an obvious need for legitimate and sufficient poster space the Council has not made this a sufficiently high Works and Services priority, and that the Council representatives be requested to ask why poster boards have not been put up."

"That the Student's Association condemns any move to partition physically the present campus, and in particular is opposed to any suggestion that any facility or department be transferred to the Wellington Teachers' College site in Karori."

"That this SRC supports the Wellington City Council's resolution to change zoning around Waiteata Road and from McKenzie Terrace south along the Terrace to Abel Smith Street from C1 (high density, high rise) to C2 (high density, medium rise) noting that such a change would assist in protecting existing private student accommodation."

“That VUWSA calls on the University to give first priority on its major works programme to developments that will redress the shortage of space in the library.”

“That VUWSA recognise the chronic situation in student accommodation and that the university should give accommodation a high priority on the capital works programme.”

"(iv)  That it is the responsibility of the university and VUWSA to initiate concrete steps to improve safety on campus."

Section 3 - The University - The Administration

The Administration

"That this Association records its appreciation of the University's continuation of its policy of not releasing student addresses or other details to non-university bodies."

"That this Association while it is prepared to appoint representatives on the Admissions committee totally opposes any suggestion of an admissions policy being placed on this University next year or any other year."

"That this Association supports in principle the introduction of photographic ID cards providing no direct or indirect charge is incurred either by the Students' Association or by individual students now or at any future date and that no duplicate copies of the photographs be held by the University."

"That the Students' Association representatives on the various faculties, on Professorial Board and the University Council be directed to take appropriate steps to ensure that all advertising of teaching, research positions and scholarships available within the Republic of South Africa and Rhodesia cease immediately, and that these University bodies undertake to actively discourage any student or staff member from taking up any such position."

"That VUWSA urges the University to provide more parking spaces for students, rather than staff."

"That VUWSA supports the VUW secretarial staff in their negotiations with the University to gain a career structure which recognises their different skills, experience and degrees of administrative responsibility.  Furthermore that this Association supports action taken by the Secretarial staff to gain this recognition."

"That VUWSA condemns any future use of the Capping Ceremony and other official University functions for political attacks on students."

"That VUWSA views with concern that many woman do not use the University at night because of the limited security in many areas of University and calls upon the University Administration to provide adequate security lighting."

"That our University Council reps urge the University Council to declare VUW a nuclear weapons free zone."

"VUWSA asks the University to allow enrolments to be done by mail."

"That VUWSA deplores the decision by the University Council at its meeting on May 25 to approve a new University Coat of Arms designed by the College of Heralds, for both the procedure followed and the final decision appear totally unrelated to any New Zealand university approaching the 21st century; further, VUWSA therefore urges council to rescind its decision and to consider having a new university emblem designed (without reference to the College of Heralds) with some symbolic meaning for Victoria in the 1990's."

“That VUWSA derides the University for their lack of consultation with the students and we oppose any moves to close the film school.”

“That the University should carry out a full review of their alcohol policy.”

“That the University should not seek to make a profit from student run events like barbecues or talks.”

Section 2 - Education - University Entrance & Other

University Entrance

"That this Association while it is prepared to appoint representatives on the Admissions Committee totally opposes any suggestion of an admissions policy being placed on this University next year or any other year."

"That this Association notes with concern the decision of the University Council on 25 July 1980 to impose restrictions on the entry to courses of the Faculty of Commerce and Administration and regrets that the decision was taken in the face of deep disagreement in the Faculty; recognises that this decision is a direct consequence of the Government's refusal to provide the University with adequate finance and represents a further move towards restricted entry and makes a mockery of the Government's stated commitment to open entry."

“That VUWSA is opposes to the restriction of enrolments in classes for non-academic reasons, but recognising that shortages of resources may occasionally make it necessary to temporarily exclude students from courses they are competent to attend, we believe any restrictions should be imposed on advanced courses so that as many students as possible may do stage one and two of courses of their choice and that course restrictions be imposed as a means of last resort and that the university explore every other avenue before imposing restrictions to access to university courses and that an independent verification body be set up to screen limitations of entry before they go through faculty and that a student representative be put on that independent verification body.”


"That this Association wholeheartedly endorse the Report of the combined Faculties of Language, Literature and Arts on the Department of Maori and Polynesian Studies at Victoria and strongly urges the Faculties to give priority to Maori Language and Literature in the allocation of scarce resources."

"(ii)  That VUWSA strive for educational changes which will promote students' ability to gain understanding of nature and society with a view to their using this knowledge, in co-operation with the New Zealand people to improve the New Zealand way of life.

(iii)  That VUWSA works towards an education system that gives freedom, benefit, involvement and satisfaction to all those involved in it."

"That this Association applauds the adoption by the Government of the majority of the recommendations of the Johnson Report on Human Development and Social Education and urges that an extra vote of education funds be made available for their speedy implementation and condemns the refusal to adopt the far sighted human relations recommendations and calls upon the Minister to make public the Link Group analysis upon which he made his decision."

"That this Association supports the continued offering of Italian Language and Literature as a major subject for the BA degree and calls on the University to enable this by immediately unfreezing the Junior Lectureship in Italian and making an appointment to this position."

"VUWSA urges the introduction of comprehensive sex education and human development courses at all levels of the education system."

"That VUWSA gives support to Continuing Education offering courses for credit towards university degrees."