Section 1 - The Association - NZUSA & Other National Student Bodies

NZUSA & Other National Student Bodies

"That this SRC recommends to the Executive that a second Welfare Delegate be sent to NZUSA August Council."

"That all remits for NZUSA Councils, together with documentation, be circulated to NZUSA and constituents one month before the Council."

"That this Association offers members of the NZUSA from other campuses all the assistance they may require when visiting this campus; that all NZUSA members from other campuses have rights to the full use of student facilities on this campus; that all NZUSA members from other campuses have the right to enjoy the student discounts to social functions and films, etc., that are available to our own members; that all NZUSA members from other campuses have the right to speak and participate in all student forums, etc., though not with voting rights; that the Executive requests the Student Health Service to make their services available to all members of NZUSA in emergency situations; that these rights be only granted on the production of some means of identification (whether ISIC cards or locally-produced cards); that the other constituents of NZUSA be informed that the above motion has been passed and that they be requested top offer the same rights and services to members of the NZUSA."

"That this SRC recommends that if adequate alternative financial arrangements can be made for the debts and liabilities of the NZUSA, that NZUSA should retain ownership of Student Union House, at 32 Blair Street, Wellington."

"That in Victoria's caucus at NZUSA Councils only the elected delegates have voting rights."

"That this Association believes that the position of co-ordinator of the NZUSA Women's Rights Action Committee should be open to women only, and also that the position of co-ordinator of NOSAC be open to overseas students only."

"That the VUWSA Executive give the students as a whole all information regarding the operation of Student Travel Bureau and any further information the Executive gets as it comes to hand."

"That this Association welcomes the invitation by its President, Leighton Duly, for VUWSA to reconsider its links with the New Zealand University Students Association and given the open and debated exposition of NZUSA's activities and operations provided by the Education and Welfare Vice-President of NZUSA considers that NZUSA is worthy of the continuing support of Victoria's students."

"That VUWSA believes that all decisions made by Student Job Search National Management Committee be made by consensus wherever possible but failing that to be carried by a two-thirds majority."

"That VUWSA believes a full-time Overseas Student co-ordinator should be established within NZUSA National Office."

"That VUWSA supports the idea of a disabled students caucus at August Council 1985."

"That VUWSA remains a full and active member of NZSAC and that the Executive motion of withdrawal (E138/86) be rescinded forthwith."

"This SRC donates $400 to the International Students Congress which will be held in Christchurch in August 1986."

"That this SRC condemns the arbitrary and unconstitutional decision of President Andrew Little to personally appoint delegates to May Council in lieu of an SRC election of these delegates and states that it will not tolerate any future similar behaviour on the president's part.  Further that this Association believes that the future election of delegates to NZUSA Federation Councils should rightfully take place at an SRC."

The Trust / BookCentre

"That the Victoria Book Centre Ltd, in future honour all industrial action by the Shop Assistants' Union and that the Executive do the same."

"In response to the Minster of Education's concern over displays of out-of-date photographs of royalty, this SRC resolves that the Victoria Book Centre Ltd should up-date its logo with a recent photograph of Queen Victoria, and directs SRC reps on the Board of VBC to convey this instruction."