Section 1 - The Association - Other


"That the Students' Association do not apply for permits to demonstrations."

"That this SRC do recommend that the sale of all cigarettes and tobacco manufactured or marketed by companies belonging to the Rembrandt Group, e.g., Rothmans of Pall Mall Ltd, Rothmans Holding (N.Z.) Ltd, be banned on campus."

"That the catering people put a sign in front of ham sandwiches when and if they contain mustard."

"That recognising the serious threats to the health of both smokers and non-smokers by cigarettes this Association:  -

Actively campaign against smoking.

Instruct its reps on Union Management Committee to ban the advertising and sale of cigarettes and tobacco products.

Establish no-smoking areas in the Lounge, Cafeteria (from the partition to the shop) and the TV listening room."

"That this Association strongly opposes any plans to utilise the graveyard for building purposes of any kind, both now and at any future time."

"That University Challenge Prize Money be donated to the Southern African Scholarship Student Trust Fund."

"That the newspapers 'Truth' and 'Unity' be allowed to be made available for sale in the Students' Association Cafeteria Shop along with other newspapers and magazines currently available for sale."

"That VUWSA condemns the recent hiring of a stripper by members of the J7 rugby team to perform at a fund-raising function and further demands that the Rugby Club and Sports Council deny the use of its facilities to promote sexist behaviour and calls for the Students' Association facilities not to be used for functions promoting sexist behaviour."

"That VUWSA actively discourages Association members from using the word 'Fuck' during protest rallies, marches and pickets.  That the word ‘Fuck’ is not to be used on official Association chant sheets, and that the word 'Fuck' not be broadcast over Association equipment during officially Association endorsed rallies, marches or pickets."

"That VUWSA provides crèche allowances and facilities for Executive members so they can participate fully in Association affairs.  Further, that VUWSA provide free crèche facilities during SRCs."

"That this SRC condemns the recent practice of some students in destroying or removing leaflets, posters and other publicity on campus, and calls on the Executive to actively discourage this practice in the interests of free speech."

"That this Association instructs the Executive, when engaging bands, promoting films and organising other cultural events in the future, to scrutinise the content of these acts to ensure that they do not flagrantly violate Association policy of opposing sexism, racism and anti-lesbian and gay bias."

"That the Association's lawyers be consulted to determine whether Paul Drury's nomination for the position of Gay Rights Officer 1984 was valid in view of SGM motions 185/82 and 15/83 and Mr Drury's statement to this SRC that he is not Gay.  Further that the question of whether the positions of Women's Rights Officer, Overseas Students Officer and Lesbian Rights Officer must be held by a woman, an overseas student and a lesbian woman respectively, should also be investigated."

"That VUWSA should full recognise that VUWSA is not mono-cultural nor bicultural but multi-cultural and should encourage moves to fully protect the interests of ethnic minorities on campus and on the National Level."

"In recognition of this country's multi-cultural heritage, VUWSA believes at least one of the university's main buildings should have a Maori name, and directs the SRC Education Officer to advise the university of this."

"That VUWSA supports a NZ Students Arts Council high profile by-Association tour of as yet unrecognised but promising young New Zealand bands either in the second or third term."

"That this SRC recommends to the Executive that the Associations 300 Dominion Breweries shares, the 605 Crown Corporation shares and 300 UEB shares be sold."

“That this SRC directs the representatives to NZASB not to authorise further expenditure to that Body.”

"That the Executive requires Telecom to install more coin phones because of the exorbitant cost of card phones and the impossibility of taking advantage of cheap toll rates.  

Further that the Executive communicate to Telecom students' dissatisfaction with the high cost of card phones and Telecom's abuse of their monopoly position in telecommunications."

"That the Association recommends to Council that the Students Association Fee and the Student Services Levy be charged together."

That VUWSA recognise that police on campus would undermine the free and open exchange of ideas and impede the development of an effective learning environment.

The police should not have routine access to campus that could be used to monitor or interfere with political activity.

VUWSA demands that Victoria University of Wellington be an environment where free and open exchange of ideas can occur and that the university implement the above resolution.