Section 1 - The Association - Publications of VUWSA

Publications of VUWSA

"That any rule of law to the contrary notwithstanding any literary contribution made to any official Students' Association publication remain the sole property of the contributor."

"That any Student Publication shall be over-ruled on matters of content only where the content would open the Association to legal action and that the only body with power to over-rule the student publication on matters of content shall be the Executive of the Students' Association in formal meeting, excepting that the President or acting president shall be able to delay Publication 24 hours in order that it can be referred to a meeting of the Executive."

"That only the President or acting President have legal access to peruse Salient in its final form before publication."

"That this SRC directs the VUWSA Executive to rescind motions E163/87, E164/87, E165/87 and E166/87, believing that these motions are detrimental to "Salient" and unhelpful in resolving the commercial typesetting problem."

"That this SRC direct the VUWSA Executive to investigate the option of employing a full-time manager/operator for the Publications Board typesetting operation."

"That this SRC views with strong disfavour attempts by President Andrew Little to suppress democracy and freedom of speech within the Association by disqualifying Association members from speaking Executive meetings and directs the Executive not to allow this practice to continue."

Association Representatives


"That nominations for the student representative on Council be accepted from the floor of an SRC meeting."

"That student representatives appointed by SRC to University or Association or Union bodies and failing to attend three consecutive ordinary meetings of which they have been advised shall be presumed to have resigned from the job unless they have previously been granted leave of absence by SRC."

"That students appointed by the SRC or elected by the student body to positions on the Executive or any other Students' Association or University or Union body must attend or have apologies accepted by the SRC and that failing to do so for three consecutive meetings of the SRC they thereby vacate their positions."

"No motion of no-confidence shall be considered… unless it has been delivered in writing, to the Secretary at least five clear office days prior to the meeting."

"That reps should always seek to act in the best interests of, and in accordance with the wishes of this Association."

"That there be a committee of all SRC representatives to be called the SRC reps committee, chaired by the SRC co-ordinator; and further:

That all SRC reps be required to attend meetings.

That meetings shall be called at least twice a term.

That the function of the committee be to encourage co-ordination of the relevant policy of VUWSA, and to implement necessary action through the appropriate bodies, and to act as a discussion group which can encourage reps to recommend policy to SRC."

"That as a general policy reports be submitted to the Editor of Salient for publication therein."

"a) That in accordance with the University Council's recommendation the Union Management Committee membership be restructured as follows:  The President of VUWSA as Chair, two Council representatives, one executive and the Managing Secretary of the Union, and the Director of Physical Welfare Services who shall be non-voting, AND

That as a pre-condition to accepting any restructuring on the committee there be a student majority, AND

That these changes take effect from 1983 onwards."

"That this SRC ratify the SRC representatives on the Union Management Committee's decision to vary SRC motion 91/82 by replacing the words "two council reps." With "one Council rep." And one Professorial Board representative."

"That this Association recommend to the University Council that the six student representatives on the Union Management Committee be as follows:  President of VUWSA as chairperson, the senior SRC rep on the University Council, one representative from Sports Committee and one representative from Cultural Affairs Committee to be nominated by the committee and appointed by SRC, and two SRC representatives."

"That all SRC reps speak and vote in accordance with Student's Association policy on all bodies which they are directly elected to and any other bodies which the first body appoints them to."

"Representatives of VUWSA are to pursue the Associations objectives and follow Association policy in such manner as will best see the fulfilment of those objectives and policies."

“Student representatives on ad-hoc committees shall be appointed for the duration of the committees.  Representatives on permanent committees shall be appointed for 12 months except that where there are more than one student representatives they may be appointed for overlapping 24 month terms.  A representative shall be dismissed by the SRC if a motion of confidence in the representative is on the agenda, is voted on and lost.  A representative may resign at any time by giving notice of resignation to the secretary, the SRC Co-Ordinator or an SRC meeting.  A representative will be deemed to have resigned if he or she fails to attend three out of five consecutive meetings of the committee which he or she is on, or if he or she leaves university or ceases to be a member of the VUWSA.”