Section 1 - The Association - The Student Union

The Student Union

"That this SRC endorses the actions of the Executive on future expansion of the Union Building in the form of a Tower Block to be paid off in part by the building fund surplus and the rest of it through external funding.  Further, that a committee be set up to look into and consider renovation of the cafeteria facilities."

"That an SRC Tower Block committee be established to determine the content of the Tower Block and that the committee comprise of the President, one other Executive representative and two SRC representatives elected by SRC, and that this committee organise forums in which to gauge student opinion and encourage interested student groups to make submissions and that the report of the committee for the Tower Block and Cafeteria renovation be presented at an SGM for approval, and that the report be presented by the end of August and that this motion replace 82/82."

"The Union Management Committee is to examine the names of the Students' Association buildings and parts thereof, except in the memorial theatre, to consult the department of Maori Studies for suitable names and to investigate from other interested people to bear in mind that our society is not bicultural but multicultural, and to report back to the SRC with recommendations of names to be adopted for the Association buildings."

"That a bar should be opened on campus under the control of the Student's Association."

"VUWSA asks the Union Management Committee to recognise that making buildings accessible to disabled people is a matter of urgency and importance.  VUWSA also asks UMC to make the provision of disabled access to Union facilities its next major item of expenditure."

"That the student representatives on the Union Management Committee be instructed to direct the Managing Secretary to investigate the reasons why Radio Active 89FM is not played in the Café, with a view to correcting the situation.”

"That this Association actively seeks the participation and consultation of the Victoria School of Architecture to improve student facilities on campus, including the Union Building cafeteria."

"That the Executive be instructed to widely publicise and encourage discussion on the future arrangements for Catering operations in the Union Building for 1986."

"That this Association supports the VUWSA Trust's proposal to extend the Victoria University of Wellington Union Building and approves the use of the Building Fund and Building Fund Levies over a ten year period to assist in financing the project."

"That the Union Building Fund be transferred to the VUWSA Trust, and that all future Building Fund components be similarly transferred to the VUWSA trust."