Section 2 - Education - Academic Staff & Finance

Academic Staff

"That NZUSA believes an in-service teacher training course for University lecturers should be established in all New Zealand Universities."

"That the gradings for salary changes and the promotion of university teaching staff should be based on their abilities and skills as university teachers and lecturers, as well as on their ability as researchers and on the amount of material by them which  are currently the primary consideration in assessment."

"That the gradings of staff should be made with an objective structure scale which is universally applied, providing always that the gradings made are subject to an appeal to the Vice-Chancellor."

"That this Association does not subscribe to the views that teacher quality is related to degree qualifications and that universities should exercise control over teacher training, and is thus opposed to any move to institute a B.Ed."

“VUWSA thank VC Stuart McCutcheon for his work as VC and wishes him all the best for future as Auckland VC”


"That VUWSA opposes the system of student loans and means testing."

"That this Association recognises and reinforces the view that it is generally wrong for students to be forced to leave the University through financial hardship."

"That this Association, recognising the difficult economic circumstances facing many students, strongly urges the University to make more funds available for grants and loans to students facing hardship."

"That VUWSA opposes any moves to place student teacher on the Standard Tertiary Bursary, in the belief that any such moves would not assist the achievement of this Association's policy, and further that all students should receive a living allowance rather than an inadequate grant-in-aid."  

"That this Association deplores the introduction of the Tertiary Study Grants system which is both inadequate for student needs and rife with administrative problems; and protests at the use of the Review of Financial Assistance for Post-Compulsory Study as a diversionary tactic designed to keep students quiet about bursaries; and that telegrams be sent to the Prime Minister and Minister of Education informing them of this."

"That this Association notes that the decision to increase the supplementary Hardship Grant by $3 in 1981 was taken without consultation is inadequate and displays the continuing inability of the Minister of Education to realise the problems inherent in the nature of the Tertiary Assistance Grants Scheme and appreciate the worsening conditions faced by tertiary students."

"That this Association deplores the 10% cut in real terms in vote education; and also deplores the Minister's apparent unwillingness to make public the details of Government policy on how this cut is to be implemented; and that telegrams be sent to the Prime Minister and Minister of Education informing them of this."

"That VUWSA strongly urges its members to support the Cost of Learning Campaign being organised by NZUSA in opposition to the proposed cuts to education and the student community services programme, the rising cost of tuition fees, rent, hostel fees, food, transport, and textbooks and:

Further that VUWSA urges all students to participate in the national day of action on 22 April, and calls upon on all lecturers to cancel lectures on that day."

"That this SRC instructs all its representatives at every level of University decision-making to note and speak against the University's decision to freeze part of most departments budgetary allocation and that all representatives be instructed to explain to the relevant bodies on which they sit, that in the opinion of VUWSA the University should refuse to co-operate with Government in its cost cutting."

“That VUWSA supports tax cuts to 33c in the dollar to top tax rate earners”