Section 2 - Education - Assessment


"That the names of the finals examinations candidates should not appear on the front cover of their scripts but in, or attached to, some other part of the examination booklet."

"That there should be a grade of finals pass awarded to those finals examination candidates who are deemed to have failed a unit for the purposes of higher study in that subject, but who are considered to have reached a sufficient standard to merit the awarding of the unit points towards their degree.  This would be so, always provided that if a student wished to take further units in the subjects then s/he could re-sit it as a present.  S/he could then go on if s/he subsequently gained an ordinary pass in the unit."

"That we do not support the use of calculators in exams until such time as exams are set so that the use of calculators will not be an advantage or until such time as calculators are provided for students sitting an exam."

"That SRC recommend to the Science Faculty that all exams should be open book exams."

"That SRC strongly opposes the introduction of an examination timetable system which limits students' choice of subjects.  SRC regards this system as a case of the Registry organising the University to suit its convenience, rather than that of students or staff."

"That this Association takes as the core of its assessment/education campaign the following demands:-

That the minimum mark restrictions imposed on Registry-examined work and all term requirements be abolished.

That all courses institute a double-chance assessment system whereby the year's work can count for 100% of the total mark and if a student wishes to improve or change the mark s/he may either sit an end of year exam or re-submit his/her year's work (altered or unaltered) at the time the end of year exam is scheduled both for up to 100% of the total mark.

That group work be made assessable and the current restrictions both formal and informal be abolished and that as a principle the university encourage more co-operation among students rather than competition between students in the learning process.

That in courses where it is relevant high priority be given to the inclusion of New Zealand material at all levels.

That, in the first week of lectures each year, each course controller should present its planned assessment programme and allow discussions of the programme and modification of the programme by its students.

And, that student representatives put forward these demands at all relevant committees and forums."

"a)  That the Students' Association strongly opposes the recent introduction of restrictions into the second year courses of law faculty.

The Students' Association requests the University Council to review its decision of 27th June to introduce restrictions into the second year courses of the law faculty for the following reasons:-

The Students' Association questions the value of Law in Society and Legal System as criteria for admission to the second year courses.

The Students' Association strongly recommends the Law Faculty tailors its teaching methods to the number of students enrolling in courses instead of tailoring the number of students to suit the teaching methods."

"That VUWSA urges the University to undertake a comprehensive and public review of all assessment procedures and workloads in every academic department of the University."

"That VUWSA calls on Professorial Board to introduce a restricted C pass for undergraduate courses."

"That VUWSA opposes any moves by the Professorial Board to replace the present 4 point grading scale for undergraduate courses with an 8 or 9 point scale as being an unnecessary change to the present system, and its unnecessary in view of existing policy and it is seen as a move to increase competition."

"That this SRC urges all departments to publish actual marks in the exam results."

"That this Association believes that all half year courses should be assessed in the same half year they are taught."