Section 2 - Education - Fees, Loans & Allowances

Fees, Loans & Allowances

“That VUWSA condemns present moves by both the Labour Party and the National Party to reduce funding to universities and rejects proposed cost recovery measures such as student loans and vouchers.  Further, VUWSA believes that the introduction of “user pays” to tertiary education represents a significant threat to New Zealand society because it would:

Limit access to education for many New Zealanders.

Decrease the range of subjects which students would take.

Erode basic research essential to the development of the New Zealand economy and society.

Create a precedent for charging at all levels of the education system.”

“That VUWSA calls upon all political parties to recognise the sizeable contribution that students already make towards the cost of their own education.”

“That this Association express its anger and dismay at the lack of action by the Government on an increase in the student bursary for 1988, and convey this to the Associate Minister of Education and the MP for Wellington.”

“That this Association call upon the Government to increase university funding in response to the dramatic increase in student numbers.”

"That VUWSA re-affirms its no fees policy and expresses its extreme concern at the Todd Taskforce discussion document proposing further increases in user pay education."

“That VUWSA oppose the Fee Maxima scheme announced in the 2003 Budget, due to the rise in tertiary education fees this scheme may cause.”

Student Debt Andrew Kirton NZUSA co president spoke to the SRC about $7 Billion Debt day. 28th of April is the day student debt reached 7 billion dollars. Spoke about the National day of action about this. That this SRC condemn any government which allows student debt to rise.

“That VUWSA demand the abolition of youth rates and support a decent living wage

for all workers”

“That capitalism is not only good but is necessary for graduates to pay off their student loans”

That VUWSA oppose the proposed 2005 10% increase in Humanities fees and 5% increase in all other VUW fees.

“That VUWSA oppose the unfair and unjustified fee increase for International students in 2007”