Section 2 - Education - Overseas Students

Overseas Students

"That VUWSA view with gravest concern any attempt to impose differential fees for any students studying at New Zealand universities."

"That SRC recommend to the Executive that VUWSA contribute annually an amount of $150 to the NZUSA Southern Africa Scholarship."

"That University Challenge prize money be donated to the Southern Africa Scholarship Student Trust Fund."

"That VUWSA Executive be directed to find some way to raise $500.00 for the Southern Africa Scholarship Fund."

"That this SRC condemns the Government cutbacks in the intake of Malaysian students in the strong belief that it was a politically motivated act; and further condemns the Government for its failure to consult the appropriate interested bodies; i.e., Overseas Students Admissions Committee."

"That VUWSA calls upon OSAC to abolish LATOS tests with regard initially to Pacific Island students and those overseas students who have passed NZUE and/or New Zealand bursary in New Zealand.  That VUWSA believes that with regard to all other overseas students who do not sit the actual NZUE exam, but who pass its equivalent elsewhere, LATOS should be abolished and replaced with English courses as are available to Colombo Plan students and as are undertaken at Canterbury."

"That VUWSA strongly opposes the imposition of discriminatory fees on overseas students by the Government, and sees the imposition of discriminatory fees on overseas students as part of the overall education cutback and overseas students are made scapegoats to bear the economic mismanagement of the Government."

"That this Association calls upon the VUW Council to recognise that the imposition of discriminatory fees on overseas students is unethical and immoral and thereby requests the VUW Council that should not accept any Government directives to impose such fees."

"That VUWSA supports the Weir House Residents' Association in its efforts to prevent students, in particular overseas students, leaving Weir House, having to pay undue financial penalties, and urges Weir House, and other hostels serving university students to recognise students' right to leave hostels during the year without any financial penalty provided reasonable notice is given."

"That this SRC recognises the work that L. Duly did in assisting six overseas students to remain in New Zealand."

"That VUWSA, noting New Zealand's international law obligations, implications on overseas numbers, and the implications of the attitude that education is a marketable commodity, condemns the introduction of overseas student fees on a 'cost-recovery' basis."

"That this Association condemn any harassment of any overseas students for any political or alleged political activities and that this Association release a press statement to this effect."