Section 2 - Education - Secondary/Teacher Education

Secondary/Teacher Education

"That NZUSA do strongly oppose increased state aid to private schools, serving as they do the interests of religious segregation and elitism."

"That the Government should ensure state aid is not used by private schools to expand their facilities, in order to increase roll numbers.  That NZUSA believes all tertiary institutions should be administratively autonomous and that only financial or departmental approval should be invested in national organisations.  

That NZUSA believes Teachers' Colleges should be affiliated to universities.  

That NZUSA endorses the present 'open door' entry regulations to the university.

That NZUSA believes the New Zealand education system should provide equality of opportunity for all New Zealanders."

"That to combat academic elitism and encourage awareness of economic oppression VUWSA urges a mandatory year's break between the leaving of secondary school and entry to any full-time course at the tertiary institution."

"That this association urges NZUSA to make representations to the Department of Education, urging them to permit those students on teacher studentships to take up to two years unpenalised leave of absence during the period of the contract."

"That VUWSA supports STANZ and other student teacher associations in holding to the view that student teachers should continue to receive the current standard teacher allowances instead of receiving a Standard Tertiary Bursary, and further that VUWSA believes that the Standard Tertiary Bursary should not be upgraded to the detriment of the student teachers' allowances."

"This Association heartily welcomes Education Department proposals to revise the scaling of School Certificate marks which at present is unfair to candidates in Maori and some practical subjects.

The Association Secretary is asked to advise the Education Department of our position."

"That in accordance with the principle of free and open access to education for all, the SRC opposes any rise in school certificate examination fees and directs that the President of VUWSA send a telegram to the Minister of Education to this effect."

"That this SRC donate to the Education Department $66; this sum being used to pay the examination fees of one of the many school certificate candidates who will be disadvantaged by the recently announced increase in fees."

“That VUWSA believes that a broad-based education best serves the New Zealand market by providing graduates with the ability to adapt to the changing needs of the New Zealand economy.”