Section 2 - Education - University Entrance & Other

University Entrance

"That this Association while it is prepared to appoint representatives on the Admissions Committee totally opposes any suggestion of an admissions policy being placed on this University next year or any other year."

"That this Association notes with concern the decision of the University Council on 25 July 1980 to impose restrictions on the entry to courses of the Faculty of Commerce and Administration and regrets that the decision was taken in the face of deep disagreement in the Faculty; recognises that this decision is a direct consequence of the Government's refusal to provide the University with adequate finance and represents a further move towards restricted entry and makes a mockery of the Government's stated commitment to open entry."

“That VUWSA is opposes to the restriction of enrolments in classes for non-academic reasons, but recognising that shortages of resources may occasionally make it necessary to temporarily exclude students from courses they are competent to attend, we believe any restrictions should be imposed on advanced courses so that as many students as possible may do stage one and two of courses of their choice and that course restrictions be imposed as a means of last resort and that the university explore every other avenue before imposing restrictions to access to university courses and that an independent verification body be set up to screen limitations of entry before they go through faculty and that a student representative be put on that independent verification body.”


"That this Association wholeheartedly endorse the Report of the combined Faculties of Language, Literature and Arts on the Department of Maori and Polynesian Studies at Victoria and strongly urges the Faculties to give priority to Maori Language and Literature in the allocation of scarce resources."

"(ii)  That VUWSA strive for educational changes which will promote students' ability to gain understanding of nature and society with a view to their using this knowledge, in co-operation with the New Zealand people to improve the New Zealand way of life.

(iii)  That VUWSA works towards an education system that gives freedom, benefit, involvement and satisfaction to all those involved in it."

"That this Association applauds the adoption by the Government of the majority of the recommendations of the Johnson Report on Human Development and Social Education and urges that an extra vote of education funds be made available for their speedy implementation and condemns the refusal to adopt the far sighted human relations recommendations and calls upon the Minister to make public the Link Group analysis upon which he made his decision."

"That this Association supports the continued offering of Italian Language and Literature as a major subject for the BA degree and calls on the University to enable this by immediately unfreezing the Junior Lectureship in Italian and making an appointment to this position."

"VUWSA urges the introduction of comprehensive sex education and human development courses at all levels of the education system."

"That VUWSA gives support to Continuing Education offering courses for credit towards university degrees."