Section 3 - The University - Library & University Facilities


"That the Students' Association view with concern any proposals to fragment the library collection of books and periodicals, and therefore oppose the establishment of additional departmental libraries away from the present and main library facilities."

"That this Association strongly condemn the reduction in the library hours and actively work to stop this decision being implemented by official protest and by co-ordinated student action, if necessary."

"That this Association considers that the library is the most necessary adjunct to students' studies and research so that it should be allowed unrestricted growth and development and be given precedence over any other University department in the Rinkine Brown Building."

"That the Executive be directed to complain in the strongest possible terms about the inadequacy of library financing and enquire in particular about the reason that the VUW Library spends $83.00 less per effective full-time student than the recommended amount."

"That this Association recommends through all the appropriate University committees that the library and welfare services be declared an absolute priority and that no further cuts be made to its expenditure."

"That this Association believes:

 That the University Library is a necessary and essential facility for the Association's members to undertake study and research.

That every authorised user of the Library has a right to pursue work without unnecessary disturbance and distraction and has a corresponding duty to respect the rights of other users.

That the Table of Library fines and charges should be set -

to ensure the rights of responsible users are protected

bearing in mind the ability of the majority of Association members to pay such fines and charges

That its members interests are best served by a central Library facility.

Therefore this Association is opposed to any fragmentation of the Library's collections.

Further if such fragmentation does occur that this Association believes that our members access rights to and service from the Satellite Library should be the same as to the Main Library."

“That VUWSA believes that the library should remain open over Easter, and that this be given priority over (if necessary) low-use periods.”

University Facilities

"That this Association opposes the demolition of Hunter Building and proposes the alternative of upgrading and retaining this building in such a way as to maintain its architectural features intact."

"That this SRC require the University Council representative to request that the University Council purchase fruit bearing trees for planting around the University."

"That this SRC request the site Committee representative to request transplanting of the plants obtained from the WCC on the bank opposite the Institute of Criminology on Kelburn Parade."

"That why when there is such an obvious need for legitimate and sufficient poster space the Council has not made this a sufficiently high Works and Services priority, and that the Council representatives be requested to ask why poster boards have not been put up."

"That the Student's Association condemns any move to partition physically the present campus, and in particular is opposed to any suggestion that any facility or department be transferred to the Wellington Teachers' College site in Karori."

"That this SRC supports the Wellington City Council's resolution to change zoning around Waiteata Road and from McKenzie Terrace south along the Terrace to Abel Smith Street from C1 (high density, high rise) to C2 (high density, medium rise) noting that such a change would assist in protecting existing private student accommodation."

“That VUWSA calls on the University to give first priority on its major works programme to developments that will redress the shortage of space in the library.”

“That VUWSA recognise the chronic situation in student accommodation and that the university should give accommodation a high priority on the capital works programme.”

"(iv)  That it is the responsibility of the university and VUWSA to initiate concrete steps to improve safety on campus."