Section 3 - The University - The Administration

The Administration

"That this Association records its appreciation of the University's continuation of its policy of not releasing student addresses or other details to non-university bodies."

"That this Association while it is prepared to appoint representatives on the Admissions committee totally opposes any suggestion of an admissions policy being placed on this University next year or any other year."

"That this Association supports in principle the introduction of photographic ID cards providing no direct or indirect charge is incurred either by the Students' Association or by individual students now or at any future date and that no duplicate copies of the photographs be held by the University."

"That the Students' Association representatives on the various faculties, on Professorial Board and the University Council be directed to take appropriate steps to ensure that all advertising of teaching, research positions and scholarships available within the Republic of South Africa and Rhodesia cease immediately, and that these University bodies undertake to actively discourage any student or staff member from taking up any such position."

"That VUWSA urges the University to provide more parking spaces for students, rather than staff."

"That VUWSA supports the VUW secretarial staff in their negotiations with the University to gain a career structure which recognises their different skills, experience and degrees of administrative responsibility.  Furthermore that this Association supports action taken by the Secretarial staff to gain this recognition."

"That VUWSA condemns any future use of the Capping Ceremony and other official University functions for political attacks on students."

"That VUWSA views with concern that many woman do not use the University at night because of the limited security in many areas of University and calls upon the University Administration to provide adequate security lighting."

"That our University Council reps urge the University Council to declare VUW a nuclear weapons free zone."

"VUWSA asks the University to allow enrolments to be done by mail."

"That VUWSA deplores the decision by the University Council at its meeting on May 25 to approve a new University Coat of Arms designed by the College of Heralds, for both the procedure followed and the final decision appear totally unrelated to any New Zealand university approaching the 21st century; further, VUWSA therefore urges council to rescind its decision and to consider having a new university emblem designed (without reference to the College of Heralds) with some symbolic meaning for Victoria in the 1990's."

“That VUWSA derides the University for their lack of consultation with the students and we oppose any moves to close the film school.”

“That the University should carry out a full review of their alcohol policy.”

“That the University should not seek to make a profit from student run events like barbecues or talks.”