Section 4 - National Issues - Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties

"That this Association upholds the right of conscientious objectors to oppose their conscription into the armed forces…"

"That NZUSA urges the Government to open all Parliamentary Select Committees and delegations to the public."

"That this Association condemns the recent seizures by the police of medical records."

"That this SRC condemns the Government's decision to ban private students from Southern Africa from taking part in political activities and this SRC treats it as an infringement on civil liberties."

"That VUWSA opposes the continued existence and concept of the Wanganui Computer Centre."

"That VUWSA and NZUSA call for the repeal of the Official Secrets Act and call upon the Government to recognise the New Zealand People's right for access to the information used in decision making processes and enact a Freedom of Information Act."

"That this Association send a strong letter of protest to the Wellington District Commander of Police regarding the presence of a police photographer at the Education march on April 8.  

Further, that as no breach of the law took place, this Association demands an explanation in regard to:

The taking of photographs

The existence of negatives

The existence of prints

The claim of the police officer concerned that he was freelancer for the Evening Post."

"That VUWSA strongly condemn police action in the killing of Paul Chase and while recognising the appointment of a QC as a first step, calls for a public inquiry into police procedure surrounding this incident and in general use of firearms."

"That VUWSA donate $150 to the campaign for a public inquiry into the killing of Paul Chase and provide other practical support to the campaign.  Further, that a member of the Executive be instructed to communicate our condolences and support to the family and that in doing so, costs be taken out of the SRC budget."

"That VUWSA believes sexual harassment is any form of sexual attention that is unsolicited, unwanted or persistent.  It includes comments of a sexual nature, unwelcome actions such as leers, gestures or physical contact such as patting, pinching or brushing up against another person's body to subtle or explicit demands which make a person feel emotionally, psychologically or physically pressured into having sexual activity.

"That VUWSA believes there should be a 3 tier sexual harassment grievance procedure to deal with sexual harassment on campus.  This includes:-

Contact people (for support information).

Mediator (to try and resolve it informally).

Grievance Committee of students, staff and administration (to hear a formal complaint).

“That VUWSA opposes discrimination on the basis of race, culture, sex or sexuality.”