Section 4 - National Issues - Disability Support & Other

Disability Support

"That VUWSA recognise that disabled persons have the right to attend and fully participate at all levels of University life.  That following this VUWSA make a commitment to work with disabled people to remove the barriers, both physical and social, that prevent disabled people from attending and fully participating fully in university life."

"That in order to facilitate work on access to education for disabled people, VUWSA supports the setting up of a Disabled Action Group on this campus and this be encouraged to be done in the third term of 1985."

"That VUWSA supports the call from the disabled caucus for the caucus to be a regular event at NZUSA General meetings."


"That VUWSA urge the Government to grant housing corporation loans for the purpose of purchasing and/or renovation of existing houses."

"1)  That NZUSA asks the Government to restrict the assisted immigration of professional workers into New Zealand from developing countries so as to avoid undue strain on the resources of developing countries.

That NZUSA ask the Government to encourage the developed countries to do the same."

That NZUSA ask the Government to allow more students bonded to return to their own countries to train in New Zealand as a contribution to developing countries' training programme."

"That VUWSA believes that the Island Immigration work quota should be based upon the economic needs and planning of Island economies and not on the needs of New Zealand employers."

"That VUWSA deplores the unrestricted plunder of our fishing resources by foreign fishing fleets, especially those of the USSR and Japan."

"That NZUSA express its view that licensing laws in New Zealand should be liberalised…"

"That VUWSA opposes the Licensing Legislation for the exhibition of films in New Zealand, and believes that no exhibitors' licence should be required for the showing of films."

"That this Association endorses the march against the cutback of the Domestic Purposes Benefit."

"That this Association strongly opposes the raising of motorcycle registration fees."

"That VUWSA sees car-less days as being an unfair and iniquitous system."

"That VUWSA expresses its strong opposition to Government attacks on CORSO, namely:-

cutting its $40 000 administration grant; and

the removal of tax exemptions for donations."

"That VUWSA supports military and economic non-alignment for New Zealand as a progressive policy which best ensures the nation's external security."

"That VUWSA condemns the Government's short-sighted cuts to the health system and sees this as being a planned part of its overall policies to restructure the economy to further the interests of big business at the expense of New Zealand's welfare state."

"That VUWSA supports the establishment throughout New Zealand of Neighbourhood Law Offices, and that such offices should be funded by the Government, being essential to establishing a just legal system in this country."

"That VUWSA believes that before any taxation proposal is supported by VUWSA it should:

Be highly progressive for income and wealth.

Contain taxable income brackets which are inflation indexed.

Tax companies at a rate more akin to the early 1960's in New Zealand.

Include all incomes such as fringe benefits for assessable income.

Acknowledge the real costs of reproduction of the workforce by financing more of the social wage from a wide tax base.

Contain elements such as rebates for disadvantaged cases.

Contain no sales taxes on basic commodities.

Contain no tax on low incomes and social welfare benefits."

"That VUWSA endorse the concept and establishment of T Runanga Tauira o Aotearoa and recognise this as the official voice of Maori university students."

"That VUWSA supports the establishment of a Tumaki Maori Collective consisting of two full time officers."

“That VUWSA believes in the principle of equal pay for work of equal value, and endorses the current campaign by the coalition for Equal Value/Equal Pay.”

"That VUWSA supports the efforts of the Electoral Reform Coalition in calling for a referendum to be held in 1988 on the issue of electoral reform and supports the mixed-member proportional representation option."

"That VUWSA express its deep concern at the lack of safe-sex practices in New Zealand and that VUWSA take the following actions:

That  a SRC Officer to be called the Safe Sex Officer be established.

That a SRC sub-committee to be called the Safe Sex Sub-Committee be established.

That the Safe Sex Sub-Committee be funded by a student levy equal to the price of a packet of condoms.

That a Safe-Sex Week be established, where students shall be encouraged to provide proof of their use of condoms.

That the Secretary send a telegram to the Minister of Health supporting the establishment of a Ministry of Safe Sex.

"That VUWSA condemns the announced sale of Telecom because it feels that Telecommunication are a vital social service, and that the effects of rampant commercialisation have already had such detrimental results on students and the general community."

"That VUWSA expresses its opposition to the increase in public transport costs announced by the Wellington City Council, because of the detrimental effect it will have on the environment due to the increased use of private vehicles which will result, and because of the financial difficulties it will cause students."

“That VUWSA oppose any action taken by the Wellington City Council which will have the effect of removing the homeless from the streets.”

“That VUWSA oppose any privatisation of public water, as it is a public good.”

“That VUWSA condemn the attempt by the Wellington City Council to ban “political” material from the Cuba Street Carnival, such as anti-bypass information”

“VUWSA denounce Communism”

“VUWSA ends support for any organisation involved in illegal activities”

“VUWSA support one standard of citizenship for all”

“That VUWSA support the recent high court ruling that it is legal to burn the New

Zealand Flag”

“That VUWSA oppose school closures planned by the current government”

“That VUWSA support the changing of the current New Zealand Flag”

“That VUWSA support the legalisation of Voluntary Euthanasia”

1. “That VUWSA congratulate Rodney Hide on his election to Parliament”.

2. “That VUWSA sends congratulations to the members of the Maori Party elected to Parliament.”

3. “That VUWSA congratulate Nick O’Kane on being elected to Publications Committee”

4. “That VUWSA extend commiserations to no confidence for being beaten by Nick O’Kane