Section 4 - National Issues - Environment


"That this Association oppose any development in New Zealand which does not take into account the factors of long-term environmental, conservation and preservation considerations."

"That VUWSA endorses the principle of the Marura Declaration and deplores the Government's virtually complete rejection of these recommendations."

"That this Association recognises that ecological problems cannot be solved under our present economic system and any attempts to solve them will in the long term be thwarted by the very nature of this system."

"That this Association calls upon the Government to decline any proposal for the exploitation of South Island beech forests which would result in these beech forests ceasing to exist in their present form."

"That this Association opposes the introduction of nuclear-power stations."

"That VUWSA supports E.C.O. and the Native Forests Action Council in their endeavours to save the central North Island native forests."

"That VUWSA opposes all forms of excessive, unnecessary and inappropriate packaging."

"That VUWSA actively supports the use of the techniques and products that enable sensible reuse and recycling."

"That VUWSA:

Opposes the introduction of non-returnable soft drink bottles.

Presses for an increase in the present deposit for beverage bottles.

Presses for the increase in bottle deposits to be accompanied by an increase in the price of beverage cans.

Presses for the phasing out of present composite beverage cans to be replaced by recyclable (i.e. aluminium) cans.

Presses for standardisation of refunds on milk bottles."

"That VUWSA notes with concern the abuse by the present Government of Environmental Impact and Audit procedures and especially calls for such procedures to be followed in the cases of the Ammonia Urea Plant, the Wellington Harbour development and the alteration to the current milk supply."

"That this Association establishes an Environmental Resource Centre on campus, to provide a technical background for students and staff involved in environmental matters, to work also as a complement to the recently established Wellington Environment and Peach Information Centre."

"That this Association opposes the Government's proposed National Development Bill and any other similar legislation."

"That this Association calls for the resignation or sacking (whichever happens first) of the minister of Environment, Venn Young, due to his decision as Minister of Forests to proceed with logging Whirinaki Forest Block 10 in 1979."

"That this Association believes that the portfolios of Minister for the Environment and Forests should be separated."

"That VUWSA condemns the move by the Minister of Lands, Venn Young, in making the National Parks Board a section of the Lands and Survey Department."

"That this Association believes that New Zealand should become more involved with sensible community-based recycling and reuse of all commodities and materials."

"That VUWSA urges the suspension of rural spraying of 245T and calls for a full public enquiry into the use of chemicals for pest control."

"That this association oppose the following:

all nuclear armed or powered vehicles

all nuclear weapons testing

all nuclear waste ocean dumping

all nuclear and other radiation emanating from television sets, watches, the sun and all nuclear families-

This policy stands in the recognition that such actions constitute a totally unacceptable threat to world peace and the environment."

"That this SRC view with concern the proposed Wildlife and Scenic Rivers legislation and the implication of such legislation."

"That this Association Expresses its deep concern over recent remarks made by Bishop Edward Norman on the subject of nuclear deterrence.  And this Association asks the Bishop to re-examine his conscience and ask himself whether it is morally responsible of him to condemn outright a movement deeply committed to the aims of peace."

"VUWSA would like to express its shock and sympathy at the bombing and murder upon the Rainbow Warrior.  Furthermore that this Association donates $100 to Greenpeace."

"That this Association support the Coalition against Nuclear Warships to oppose the visit of the USS Truxton and donate $100 to the Coalition."

"That this Association supports the Maritime Unions in their principled stand against nuclear warships and urges the Government to take immediate steps to remove the USS Truxton and prohibit any further visits of nuclear warships to New Zealand."

"That this Association endorses and actively supports the campaign against nuclear warships (CANWAR)."

“That VUWSA oppose any privatisation of public water as it is a public good”.

“That VUWSA opposes the lifting of the GE Moratorium”

“That VUWSA campaign for a GE-free campus”

“That VUWSA urge the university administration for Victoria to be placed on the GE Free register”

That the VUWSA exec formulate an environmental policy.

“That VUWSA oppose extreme left wingers taking over the New Zealand Government”

“That VUWSA supports growing moustaches during the month of May”

“That VUWSA supports the say no to Destiny campaign””

"That Victoria University begin a consultative process immediately to lead to implementation of an environmental policy by the end of 2005, and that VUWSA actively lobby the University in this regard until such a policy is implemented."

“THAT VUWSA actively oppose the proposed mining of Schedule 4 land.”

“THAT VUWSA opposes all forms of whaling.”

“THAT VUWSA acknowledges the current and future impacts of climate change on students and society and the need for an urgent and comprehensive response.”

“THAT VUWSA take appropriate action where possible to support the transition to a prosperous and equitable low-carbon economy.”