Section 4 - National Issues - Foreign Control & Drugs

Foreign Control

"That this Association support the aims and goals of the 'Campaign Against Foreign Control in New Zealand'  (CAFCINZ)."

"That this Association opposes any take-over of the Gear Meat Company by Thos. Borthwick and Sons and being detrimental to the interests of New Zealand people by giving even greater power to manipulate New Zealand industry to foreign monopolies."

"That this SRC opposes recent Government moves lifting price controls on some items and encouraging foreign investment in New Zealand."

"That this Association opposes the Government's proposed National Development Bill and any other similar legislation."

"That VUWSA sees the increasing foreign investment in New Zealand as posing a serious threat to the countries economic and political independence, and believes that severe restraints should be placed on foreign controlled industry."

“That VUWSA condemn all forms of anti-Semitism and discrimination in New Zealand and around the world”

“That VUWSA supports the public statement on Ahmed Zaoui which makes the following 3 requests:

1.    New Zealand will abide by its commitments under the Refugee and Torture conventions;

2.    He (Zaoui) will be transferred immediately on bail to the community of Dominican Friars in central Auckland, who have offered to host him while official processes are concluded and

3. The allegation that he is a threat to national security will be examined on the basis of testable evidence presented in fair proceedings.


"That cannabis be removed from the narcotics list."

"That NZUSA call upon the Government to amend New Zealand's narcotic legislation to include the legalisation of controlled use of marijuana."

"That this Association opposes the imposition of the death penalty for drug-pushing in New Zealand."

"That VUWSA condemns the proposed amendments to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 on the grounds that they are an infringement of civil liberties and that the guilty until proven innocent nature of this Act represents the antithesis of the fundamental premises upon which New Zealand's judicial system is based."

"That a telegram be sent by VUWSA to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health conveying the sentiments expressed in motion 182/78 and also requesting the institution of a programme of decriminalisation, aimed at the legalisation of the possession and cultivation of marijuana for personal use."

“That VUWSA support legalising Marijuana.”