Section 4 - National Issues - Racism


"That VUWSA opposes discrimination on the basis of race, culture, sex or sexuality."

"That VUWSA recognises that institutional racism exists in New Zealand society and NZUSA N53 "That NZUSA commit itself to fight racism in New Zealand in consultation with Maori and non-Maori Polynesian and other anti-racism groups and make its facilities available to groups  on the same basis as anti-apartheid and anti-war groups."

"That VUWSA condemns all conscious and unintentional racist acts."

"That this Association supports the protest of the Ngati Whatua at Bastion Point."

"That VUWSA protest the massive police eviction of the peaceful protestors at Bastion Point and calls for the unoccupied land to be returned to the Ngati Whatua of Tamaki and that all charges against those arrested be dropped."

"That this Association sends a telegram to the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa, conveying our support for their principled and courageous stand against countries that persist in encouraging the South African Government's policy of racist sport."

"That VUWSA condemns the proposed tour of New Zealand in 1981 by the Springboks as it gives support to the racist regime of South Africa."

"That VUWSA condemn the decision of the New Zealand Rugby Union to invite a Springbok team here next year, and that this be passed on to the New Zealand Government and the Rugby Union."

"That this Association gives its full support to the proposed May 1 demonstration against the Springbok Tour, and the Students' Representative Council recommends to the Executive that $500 of Association funds be set aside for the campaign."

"That this Association, expressing its opposition to the proposed Springbok Tour, require its representatives on the Union Management Committee to move that the Union Management Committee not make any of its facilities available to the Springbok team or any groups acting as host to that team, and further that the committee recommend to the University Council that it make similar steps with regard to the University facilities."

"That VUWSA urges all lecturers to cancel lectures on the afternoon of Wednesday July 22, and urge all the students to boycott lectures not cancelled and attend the "Stop the Tour" demonstration organised on that day.  Further VUWSA supports the general strategy for stopping the Springbok Tour adopted by the New Zealand Anti-Apartheid movement."

"That this SRC recommends to the Executive that VUWSA allocate $1000 towards a legal fund for the purpose of providing help with bail money, legal aid, and excessive fines to members of the Association who may be arrested and face conviction for taking part in activities approved as part of the "Stop the '81 Tour" Campaign.

Further, that a committee of the President, Secretary and three others be appointed by the Executive to administer the fund.

And further that the discussions of the committee be open and that its decisions be made public.

And that the criteria for assistance be as follows:

On the basis of need

Each case should be treated on its merits

That in the case of fines, assistance be given when the fine is excessive having regard to the previous level of the fines."

"That this SRC endorses the Executive position with regard to Rebecca Evans' participation in the forthcoming 'Women and Racism' speaking tour."

"That VUWSA expresses its support for the struggle of the Ngati Whatua people to retain the land which is theirs by right and supports any move by them to reoccupy Takaparawha (Bastion Point)."

"That VUWSA send two delegates to the 'Stop the 85 tour' conference to be held at Labour Weekend, these delegates to be appointed at this SRC further that the sum of $30 for registration be deducted from the SRC budget."

"That VUWSA become a sponsor of HART, the New Zealand Anti-Apartheid Movement."

"That this Association donate $400 from the SRC donations budget to C.O.S.T. to help it in the continuing struggle to stop the racist NZRFU tour from proceeding."

"That this Association is opposed to the Rugby Union's to tour South Africa in 1985 and that this decision to be communicated with the Rugby Union, the Government and the President release an appropriate press release."

"That Hitler T-shirts be banned from SRCs."

"That this Association condemn the present tour of South Africa by the rebel rugby team and calls upon the New Zealand Rugby Football Union (NZRFU) to impose the strongest possible sanctions on the members of this team to discourage sporting links with South Africa."

"That a letter of support be sent to Mr Mounter, TVNZ Director General, supporting his directive not to provide sports coverage for the rebel tour of South Africa."