Section 5 - Welfare - Student Housing & Employment of Students

Student Housing

SRC has recommended the following financial incentives to build student flats:-

1.   State Advances Loans; local body loans on the same terms as for pensioner housing; tax concessions to firms.

2.   A revamping of the subsidy system.

3.   University Grants Committee giving the same priority to accommodation buildings as academic ones, at the same subsidy rates.

"That this Association continue to support the Wellington Tenants' Union and show this constructively by donating $100 to the Union to enable it to pursue its goals of acting as a advocate for tenants."

"That this Association recognising that there is an accommodation shortage for students and other low income earners; and further, recognising that there are many unoccupied flats and houses in Wellington, calls on the City Council, Government, University and other landlords to make available buildings under their control for use as accommodation for students and other low income earners."

"That this Association recommends to the Executive that $200 be made available to the Accommodation Action Committee."

Employment of Students

"That VUWSA supports the principle that the Student Community Service Scheme should be:-

made a permanent provision to provide holiday employment for students,

given official Government approval at an early enough date or at least two months before the commencement of the long summer vacation."

"That this Association while appreciating the early announcement of the Student Community Service Programme in the Budget, notes that this advantage has been lost by the decision taken without consultation with the NZUSA to impose a four week stand down period for all students on the Programme, which means that no students can be employed on the SCSP before 1 December, and expresses its deep concern to the Minister of Labour at the significant impact the decision will have on holiday incomes of a substantial portion of students."

"That this association strongly condemns the Government's decision to scrap the Student Community Service Programme (SCSP) as another attack on the principle of open entry to university and demands that the scheme be restored.  Furthermore, this Association urges all students to support the 'Summer Jobs for Students Campaign' and to participate in the national day of action on July 21, and calls on all lecturers to cancel their classes, and all non-academic staff employed at the University to consider striking that day; and therefore this SRC resolves to establish a fighting fund of $200 for the campaign; and calls on all SRC representatives to immediately raise the issue on their respective committees."

"That this Association believes that the scrapping of SCSP will have a direct and detrimental effect on community groups, the aged and disabled in our community, on children deprived of recreation programmes in suburbs, on the entertainment programmes over the summer in Wellington City, and of the users of public beaches an swimming pools in the Wellington Area deprived of adequate life guards.  Further that this Association calls on community groups to express their opposition to the move."

"That this Association express its support for the NZUSA Youth Employment Campaign with its particular focus on the demands for

1. No Youth Rates;

2. Summer Jobs, and

3. urges everyone to participate in the focus week activities from July 18-22 in   particular the action on Friday July 22nd."