Section 6 - Women's Rights - Abortion/Contraception


"That this Association believes that the Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Bill denies women their fundamental democratic right to choose whether or not to have a child."

"That this SRC endorses the International Abortion Rights Day on 31 March and its accompanying activities."

"That VUWSA condemns the recent interference in the medical profession by the Abortion Supervisory Committee and its attempts to impose a repressive policy on doctors and women that denies women their democratic right to control their reproductive lives."

"That this Association strongly condemns the Maternity Leave and Employment Protection Bill as being a sham that does nothing to protect New Zealand women from victimisation and discrimination."

"That VUWSA deplores the recent Court injunction on a Christchurch woman wanting an abortion and calls for the abolition of all such judicial means of women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term."

"That VUWSA condemns the continuing violent attacks, including bombs, on abortion clinics both in New Zealand and internationally."

"That VUWSA expresses extreme concern at the fact that women who are currently legally entitled to abortions are unable to obtain them due to the lack of certified consultants and doctors particularly in the South Island and calls on the Government to ensure that adequate facilities are made available."

"VUWSA condemns the  social conditions that lead to unwanted pregnancy and;

Urges the introduction of comprehensive sex education and human development courses at all levels of the education system (e.g. as recognised in the Johnston Report).

Urges the Government to;

(i)      Provide free contraception available to men and women regardless of age.

Provide free community birth control clinics for counselling and contraception.

Urges the Government to make voluntary, free sterilisation available to men and women as a birth control measure and that the person concerned, being fully informed, be solely responsible for the decision.

"That VUWSA recognises that Pacific Island, Maori women and women from other ethnic minorities may be denied the right to fully informed contraception, sterilisation and abortion choices because of cultural/language difficulties and urges the government and medical profession to take steps to alleviate those difficulties."

"VUWSA urges that all drugs and contraceptive devices that have proven or uncertain side effects for women be immediately withdrawn from the market.  Women should not be used as guinea pigs to the profit of multinational drug companies and the medical industry at large.  VUWSA further notes that Depo Provea, Dalkon Shield and Debendox and Tahlidomide are all specific examples that fall into the above category."

"VUWSA believes that contraceptives should be provided free to all students both male and female, and that adequate counselling on all contraceptive options as well as advise on any sexual matter, be freely available to all students.  Where any such provisions exist, Student Associations are urged to ensure their members are aware of them."

"That VUWSA support the repeal of the abortion laws so that the decision as to whether or not a pregnancy will be terminated can be made by the women concerned."

"That VUWSA condemns any moves by the Government to withdraw funding from the Family Planning Association and believes that specialist family planning clinics staffed by women doctors should continue to operate."

"That VUWSA supports further moves toward the establishment of abortion clinics in New Zealand to at lest allow present legally eligible women to gain abortion rapidly."

“THAT VUWSA supports and recognizes the important of access of safe, free and legal abortion, and that pregnant persons should have complete autonomy over their bodies to make a choice without bias, stigma, or pressure from external parties.”