Section 6 - Women's Rights - Child Care & Equal Pay & Education

Child Care

"That VUWSA believes that full child care facilities are necessary to guarantee a parent's right to go to University and that the cost of crèche facilities should be met by the university administration."

"That this Association endorses the proposal by the Association of Women Academics that a full-time day-care centre for University staff be established."

"VUWSA supports the principle that crèche facilities for students and staff should be funded by the University."

"VUWSA believes that student and staff parents have the further right to a major role in the decision-making processes concerning the organisation and administration of these facilities."

"That VUWSA recognises the particular problems facing lesbian mothers especially as regards custody disputes."

"VUWSA believes that all solo parents should be entitled to relieve a realistic substitute for a living wage in recognition of the fact that child rearing is productive labour."

"VUWSA recognises the special difficulties faced by students and staff with children at university and presses for the extension of existing crèche facilities on campus."

"VUWSA demands immediate Government funded 24 hour childcare to enable women with children to work full-time if that is their choice.  VUWSA further notes that until professional low cost childcare is widely available, women will continue to be limited."

Equal Pay

"That the Association believes in the principles of equal pay and approves the establishment of equal pay in the catering services in this University."


"That this Association strongly supports the establishment of the Women's Studies course and opposes any attempt to make the course non-creditable to the B.A. Degree."

"That all those involved in teaching the 'Women in Society' course be paid for their efforts or have their workloads in other departments reduced."

"That this Association in recognising the value and importance of the Women's Studies Courses supports their expansion; and further considers that wherever applicable the courses should be accreditable to a students major requirements."

""VUWSA and WAC work towards encouraging as widely as possible the development of women's studies courses, in particular those which investigate the role of women in society, in order to educate people to an understanding of women's present position in society to assist in overcoming the oppression that women face and that, to this end, they work closely with the Women's Studies Association."

"VUWSA urges departmental heads to instruct their lecturing staff to give, in their lectures, full recognition of the contribution and role of women (as half the human race) to reflect the real status of women in society within that particular discipline."

"VUWSA oppose the use of educational material that perpetuates sex role stereo-typing and supports the introduction of educational material at all educational levels which counters sex role stereo-typing."

"VUWSA supports the appointment of a greater number of suitably qualified female staff within the University, and encourages women to apply for such positions.  SRC further urges that:

No discrimination occurs against women in application for promotion.

When considering applications form equally qualified individuals, women be given preference until women are more adequately represented among University staff."