Section 7 - International - Overseas Aid & Middle East & South Pacific

Overseas Aid

"That NZUSA call upon the Government to declare that overseas aid will never be offered subject to conditions designed to further the policies of the New Zealand Government in matters relating to the sovereign affairs of another country."

"That NZUSA call upon the Government to ensure that as the quality [quantity?] of New Zealand's overseas aid is increased toward the target of at least one percent of national income, the quality of this aid in terms of real value to the developing countries is maintained at a high level."

"That NZUSA call upon the Government to ensure that purchase of New Zealand goods shall not be made a precondition for the granting of aid to a needy country."

"That NZUSA call upon the Government to ensure that grants, not loans, shall form the bulk of New Zealand's overseas aid; and that where loans are included, only the interest foregone on alternative use shall be entered in the aid account."

"That NZUSA call upon the Government to give a higher proportion of its overseas aid through multilateral agencies."

"That NZUSA, recognising that trade conducted on a fair and equitable basis offers the key to sustained growth in developing economies, call upon the Government to encourage vigorous expansion of trade with developing countries."

"That NZUSA call upon the Government to investigate the possibility of unilaterally lowering tariffs to developing countries for as wide a range of commodities as possible, having regard to the need to protect New Zealand industry.  In particular, consideration should be given to favourable treatment for tropical primary produce, heavy industrial goods and handicraft products."

"That this Association asks all students to take practical action towards alleviating third world poverty and especially in Africa where there is currently an urgent crisis."

Middle East

"That this Association Supports the rights of all peoples both Jewish and Palestinian to self-determination in the Palestinian area and condemns the political and military interference of the USSR and USA in the Middle East."

"That this Association condemns the treatment by the Syrian Government of its Jewish community and calls upon the Syrian Government to fully comply with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights with respect to its Jewish community."

"That this Association reaffirms that a solution to the problems of the Middle East can be brought through a dialogue among all the people living in the area, and declares that this principle extends to the democratically-elected representatives of students living in the area."

"That this Association affirms the right of the students of Israel in common with those of any other national group to be represented by a democratically-elected body of their own choosing."

"That this Association supports the right of NUIS - in common with all other democratically-elected representatives of student groups - to be represented in all international student organisations, including ASA."

"That this Association recognises the sovereignty and independence of the State of Israel."

"That VUWSA recognises that the Israeli Government and Arab Governments deny the rights of the Palestinian people and believes that a free, secular and democratic Palestinian state should be created."

"That this Association instruct its international delegates to abstain from the motion relating to the State of Israel."

"That this Association condemns the use of violence in Israel and Southern Lebanon as an impairment towards mutual peace and security in the Middle East, and supports peace moves towards reaching a lasting peaceful settlement recognising the rights of all peoples concerned."

"That VUWSA send telegrams of congratulations to Emissaries of Israel and Egypt on the successful completion of the first stage of the Middle East peace process."

"That this Association strongly condemns Israel's invasion of Lebanon, and that this Association send a telegram of condemnation to the Israeli Ambassador, and that a message of support be sent to the PLO."

South Pacific

"That this Association supports the New Hebridean national party in its fight to liberate the New Hebrides."

""That VUWSA calls upon the United States to implement the terms of its U.N. mandate ad supports the Congress of Micronesia in its efforts to achieve full self-determination."

"That VUWSA condemns United States imperialism and colonialism in the Pacific, especially in the Trust Territory of Micronesia, Guam and Eastern Samoa."

""That VUWSA condemns any United States attempt to retain the Trust Territory of Micronesia, Guam and Easter Samoa in a new-colonial status by means of their incorporation as associated states or a commonwealth of the United States."

"That this Association fully supports the work of the South Pacific Action Network."

"That this Association strongly opposes the decision of the French Government to recommence nuclear testing in the South Pacific and that such opposition be communicated directly to the French President, Francois Mitterand and also to the French Defence Minister, Charles Hernu, and further, that this association request the New Zealand Government to take effective measures to attempt to prevent the recommencement of nuclear tests by the French in the South Pacific."