Section 8 - The Funnies

"That the men's toilets on the ground floor be renamed 'Shit House'."

"That the men's toilets at the east ground floor be renamed the 'Richard Wild Memorial Shit House'."

"That Sir Richard Wild be invited to open the new room in the appropriate manner."

"That Mr D Riddiford as ex-director of 'Truth' should be bashed."

"That the Chair should be instructed to carry out the bashing."

"That this Association has had a guts-full of Sir Roy, Jack."

"That fire drills be held on the hour, every hour in the morning, and ten minutes after the hour in the afternoon."

"That the Executive in order to improve attendance at SRC, give it greater publicity as a humorous occasion for the debating of trivia that would do credit to the Debating Society."

"That this Association notes the similarity between the watery nature of soup dispensed by the vending machine in the ground floor foyer and Paul Swain's political standpoint and directs the Union Management Committee to name the machine the 'Paul Swain Machine' and install a sign giving this name."

"That this SRC censure itself."

"That instead of saying 'Yes' to the motion, people may be instructed to say 'Pig' and instead of saying 'No', that they may be instructed to say 'Library Sixth Floor'."

"That this meeting moves "Heaven and Earths' instead of motions."

"That if a Heaven and Earth be carried, that it be Raised on High."

"That Lindy Cassidy do lie upon the table with this Heaven and Earth."

"That the Editor of Salient be given a cold shower at the end of the year in recognition of his services to the Association."

"That at future capping SRCs alcoholic beverages be served and that all beer be DB Bitter."

"That we put forward a Press Gang to find nominees for committees."

"That all Executive members be made to wear gold lame suits and that they be required to walk on six-foot stilts as a mark of their dignified status."

"That Gaudeamus Igitur be sung before all SRCs and Executive meetings."

"That this Association supports Muhammed Ali in his attempt to retain the world heavyweight boxing title against Joe Frazier, furthermore, that Ali knock out Frazier in the 11th round."

"That people raise their right foot instead of their hand, if they wish to speak."

"That the Chairperson must put her foot in the air when she wishes to speak to the meeting."

"That the Wellington Public Hospital Anal Ward be renamed the Robert Muldoon Anal Ward and that Mr Muldoon be instructed to become anally introverted, and that this motion should be conveyed by telegram to the Director of the Hospital Board."

"That Paul Norman be declared an endangered species, and that the only known specimen be transferred to Mt Bruce breeding reserve and that Mt Bruce breeding reserve be renamed the Paul Norman Breeding Reserve."

"That the 70s be extended for another two years and that this Association does not enter the 80s."

"That VUWSA condemns, opposes, deplores and views with concern the practice of submitting serious motions to any Student Representative Council Meeting during Capping Week, and therefore supports and calls on all students to rubbish any such motions which should arise in such a week, and should devote ourselves to self-inebriation, mass madness and having a good time."

"That the playing of zod be allowed in the Common Room at all times."

"That this Association supports the Anarchist movement in its fight against the State and Religion, J Marshall and God willing."

"That religion *???!!!!"

"That Gerard Winters be recognised as a possessor of a nuclear arm and is therefore a product of a nuclear family."

"That this Association believes that 1981 will be a cracker."

"That at the last SRC meeting P. Sowman and G. Winter have a drinking race of two jugs."

"That Skippy the Bush Kangaroo is a she."

"That is SRC censure L. Duley in his position as President VUWSA because he plays for a Wellington Rugby Club and not the Varsity Rugby Club."

“That the VUWSA Exec must sing “Smoke Two Joints” by Sublime before every Exec meeting”

VUWSA send its condolences to Auckland University, and hope Stuart McCutcheon retires soon

“That Captain Planet be the official superhero of the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association.”