Need a people mover?

VUWSA has a 12-seat van available for VUWSA-affiliated Representative groups and Victoria University clubs to hire; and can book the van with the following conditions:

  • The hire cost is $95 per day or $45 per half day. There is a discount for hire periods of 5 days or more.
  • The driver is personally and solely responsible for any/all damage or injuries that may occur while using the vehicle.
  • The driver ensures that all passengers are using seat belts while the vehicle is in motion.
  • The driver pays (and is financially-able before booking the van) for any/all damages, up to the limit of the excess on the van's insurance policy, should the vehicle be damaged in the period for which it is booked. (The excess is currently $1400 for drivers under the age of 21, $900 for drivers aged 21-25, $900 for drivers over 25 who have held their New Zealand licence for less than 12-months, and $400 for drivers over 25 who have held their licence for more than 12-months).
  • The van must be returned to the agreed-upon time.
  • The van must be clean inside and out when returned to VUWSA; and the driver must pay VUWSA for any charges made to the Fleet Card.
  • No one except for the driver is allowed to drive the VUWSA van; and if multiple people book the van together, each person signs a contract agreeing to VUWSA's van conditions. 
  • The driver pays the hire charged as stipulated by VUWSA's Van Policy.
  • Cancelling a VUWSA van booking within 5-days of the booked date incurs an $80 fee.


Please read the Van Policy and complete the booking form below

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