In her element

Christina enjoys the dynamism of her role; and knowing that what she communicates helps to make students' lives better. Social media and all things digital are the way of the future, so she’s in her element when communicating online.

‘I love the challenge of increasing the reach of messages using various channels,’ says Christina. 'Marketing and communications, when organised well, is like directing an orchestra.’

Working for people and passion

Christina enjoys working with the Executive and Staff because of their passion, just like her. She feels an immense respect for each and every person in the Office. She knows they really are amazing legends in their own right because of the amount of energy they divert into making the world a better place.

Expat, degrees and retirement

An expat from Canada who’s lived in Wellington for nearly 12 years, Christina’s background has been all about opportunities. She has a Masters of Management (Marketing); and other degrees focusing on social anthropology and business psychology.

She’s worked at Summerset Group Holdings (marketing 11 villages at the same time); Write Limited (a renowned plain language organisation in the heart of Wellington – some more amazing legends); ServiceIQ (an ITO helping people gain qualifications on-the-job); Intergen (a very yellow, vibrant ICT company also in the heart of Welly), and some other places. But those she says, were her favourites...before VUWSA, of course.

A busy home

When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her very supportive husband, lively 7-year old son, mopey German Shepherd dog (ex-police dog), and craziest two black and white tuxedo kittens' ‘on the planet’.