A busy myriad of meetings

Become part of the student representative family, and you’ll have a lot to do with Gemma. The contact and support person for Class Representatives, Faculty Delegates, she’s heavily involved in a busy schedule of working groups, programme reviews and other academic representative opportunities.

‘My role contributes to making the University a stronger community and fairer institution. Both of these aspects make my job incredibly rewarding,’ says Gemma.

A buzzing atmosphere

Gemma enjoys working at VUWSA because the staff and executive are all so passionate about what they do, which makes for a great working atmosphere. She’s thrilled to be around students, having them in the office every day.  

Jet-set and ticking off the degrees

In 2013 Gemma graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education; and in the same year was an Education Officer at VUWSA. After finishing her degree, she ventured to the United States and worked for a non-profit education organisation for one year. Of course, she also tucked in some travelling while overseas.

Returning to NZ with gusto, Gemma decided the first round of degrees wasn’t enough for her. She returned to Victoria to study for a Masters of Education and to take on the staff-role of Student Representation Coordinator.