Lifting the quality of engagement

Working to an ‘evolution, not revolution’ ethos, Mali progressively lifts the quality of engagement with our students through events, competitions, giveaways. Having a large portfolio of contacts with musicians, event managers, external stakeholders who provide free product, she negotiates some amazing freebies for VUWSA students through her contacts.

‘It’s been a little more difficult running events since 2011, running events on a smaller budget because of the Voluntary Student Membership (VSM) going into effect,’ says Mali.

That doesn’t stop her though. She just focuses on delivering the best events she can creatively using the resources she has.

Behind the scenes organisation through to event-delivery

In addition to using her own contacts to provide students with the best event-experience possible, Mali also works with a myriad of contacts. Working alongside Association counterparts in Otago, Auckland, Canterbury, and Waikato to Victoria University academics to event production crew, she engages with varied and vast networks to keep the events rolling.

An ever-changing, student-culture keeps her role dynamic

Always intrigued by the ever-changing nature of student culture, the challenges of her role keeps on her toes, and one ear to the ground ensuring that events are popular with current students.

She’s built-up her background through experience

Mali’s mainly followed her true North throughout her career, working mostly in the music industry. From working for bands and artists (and even playing in her younger days), to organising gigs, booking tours, working in music retail of instruments and CDs/vinyl, working at various festivals, providing ad hoc support to local venues, to working in a similar role at Massey University – Mali’s rich and diverse background adds an interesting musical flavour to her role and VUWSA’s student-events.