The leader of the staff-team, and the glue between executive and staff

As the leader of the VUWSA team, Tim is the ‘glue’ between the elected student executive and operational delivery team. Providing leadership, strategic and annual planning, organisational management, as well as ‘roll-your-sleeves-up’ support.

‘Ensuring the Organisation achieves its goals of becoming an outstanding student’s Association that’s respected, trusted and considered an essential part of student-life at Victoria University of Wellington,’ says Tim, that’s one of the most significant aspects of his role.

Leveraging the talents of the team for best results

Tim’s main focus is establishing and implementing major goals and objectives by providing leadership, direction and guidance for VUWSA’s people and its activities. He develops and maintains a structure and team-culture that’s aligned with the strategic needs of the Organisation, and that leverages the talents of the team.

Running an Association is diverse and complex, but Tim’s well up to the job

He also coordinates major activities through the staff-team and works with the President to represent the organisation to regulatory bodies, other agencies, community and civic organisations, donors, funders, supporters, and the general public to ensure a positive reputation. He seizes opportunities for VUWSA to grow as a service provider; and ensures the Association effectively represents the voice of Victoria-University students.

A great deal of pride in his work

Personally aligning with VUWSA’s goals and purpose underlying all that we deliver to Victoria University students, this gives him a great deal of pride in his work.

‘I enjoy the vibrancy at VUWSA. All the people involved – staff, executive, paid and voluntary.’