Upcoming opportunities:

Free Flu Shots: 2 May to 17 May
We need a small number of volunteers to man the tea and coffee stations for people who have just been vaccinated (they will be asked to stick around for up to 20 minutes). 
The full list of times, dates and locations can be found here. 

Artsweek: 14 May - 18 May
We are looking for volunteers to look after our student art exhibition space up at Kelburn campus.

Stress Free Study Week: 11 June - 15 June
We need a bunch of volunteers to serve breakfast and lunch to tired, stressed students. These shifts are about 3 hours and require you do the setting up and cleaning up afterwards. We need as many reliable, enthusiastic volunteers as we can get for this as it's a mammoth task. 

We're a fabulous, close-knit team who love what we do; and we're passionate about helping students thrive. 

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