Celebrating diversity with the inaugural Gold & Supreme Club Awards

Last night Victoria University of Wellington and Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA) celebrated the Gold & Supreme Club Awards.

34 Gold Awards and five Supreme Club Awards were presented by Victoria’s Provost, Wendy Larner, and VUWSA’s President, Jonathan Gee, held at the university’s Kelburn campus in Wellington.

Rory McKenzie was awarded the 2016 Sovereign Gold Award.

In the past year, Rory has advocated and built a translation community at Victoria. Some of his achievements from this year include presenting at an International Translation Conference, creating three Victoria student internships and setting up a translation service with Victoria’s School of Languages and Cultures. Rory is currently studying a Master’s of Arts in Literary Translation Studies at Victoria.

Deon Teo, President of VUWSA International Students’ Association (V-ISA), was named 2016 Club President of the Year.

Deon has been influential organising events that have helped international students be more active members of the university community. A noticeable leader in enhancing the student-experience, Deon has worked tirelessly developing relationships and networks that support the club. Deon is also a well-respected leader of VUWSA’s Clubs Council.

Misfits Club was awarded the 2016 New Club of the Year.

Newly formed Misfits implements and maintains a safe and creative environment for Victoria students and the local community. With trained peer-support leaders, Misfits provides members struggling with mental illness a creative outlet through art. Misfits were involved in VUWSA’s ArtsWeek and Wellington Zinefest.

STUDiO was awarded the 2016 Faculty Students’ Association of the Year.

Based at Te Aro campus, STUDiO exists to enhance the lives of students studying Architecture and Design. From providing free bread to one-on-one mentoring and scores of free social events throughout the year, STUDiO offers its members support.

Ignite Consultants was awarded the 2016 Small Supreme Club of the Year.

A charitable organisation, Ignite Consultants aims to build strategic partnerships with other not-for-profits. Student-members are mentored by select Victoria University staff and Wellington business people. Ignite provides student-members the unique opportunity to engage with the local community in a professional capacity.

Victoria Muslim Students’ Association (VicMuslims) was awarded the 2016 Supreme Club of the Year.

VicMuslims welcomes and caters to Victoria’s Muslim students. As well as organising events for members, VicMuslims manages initiatives that enhance the lives of Victoria’s students, such as Stress Free snack-packs during exam weeks, food days and cultural sessions with community groups.

‘It was an honour to be a part of the university’s first Gold & Supreme Club Awards,’ says Victoria’s Provost, Professor Wendy Larner.

‘There is enormous talent at Victoria across a range of artistic and cultural fields; and it was wonderful to acknowledge some of the students who are excelling in these areas.

‘In doing so, we recognise their talents, hard work and dedication to their chosen artistic or cultural activity, all the while maintaining their studies.’

VUWSA’s President, Jonathan Gee, commended the recipients of the Gold & Supreme Club Award winners for their hard work and dedication.

‘I’m very proud to work in partnership with Victoria recognising our diversity and cultural achievements, says Gee.

‘The accomplishments of the award recipients demonstrate the immense personal growth they have experienced on their journey to success. It shows they know university is not just about good grades, but getting out there and pursuing your passion.

'Having a ceremony that celebrates cultural achievements is something that VUWSA has been working on for years, but it was really Tori Sellwood that pushed the importance of the awards with the University.

‘I feel strongly that culture and clubs should be celebrated. The students involved contribute a lot to the university community and deserve recognition for their achievements,’ says Tori Sellwood, VUWSA’s Clubs & Activities Officer.

In addition to celebrating the cultural achievements, the Gold & Supreme Club Awards provides recognition to the many volunteers who give their time to clubs across the university.

‘The University has over 150 clubs. Clubs really are the backbone of an exceptional student experience, and without them and the people who manage them and volunteer their time, we wouldn’t have the rich opportunities that make up our diverse community,’ says Sellwood.

‘The amount of time and effort involved and volunteered across the university definitely merits formal recognition by the University.’

The Gold Awards were awarded for cultural and artistic achievements; and five Supreme Club Awards were presented: Supreme Club of the Year, Small Supreme Club of the Year, New Club of the Year, Faculty Students’ Association of the Year, and Club President of the Year.

2016 Gold Awards were presented to:

Adam Sowman for Barbershop

Adiraj Gupta for Business Case Competition

Andrew Lee for Barbershop

Brad Olsen for Queen’s Young Leader

Claris Jacobs for Candle Wasters

Daniel Gagau for Hip Hop World Championships

Daniel Medyckyj-Scott for Barbershop

David Williams for Youth Choir

Eddy Johnsen for Barbershop

Eleanor McGechie for Youth Choir

Ella Caunter for Hip Hop World Championships

Elsie Bollinger for Candle Wasters

Eve Bain for Client Interviewing

Fayez Shahbaz for Client Interviewing

Garth Norman for Youth Choir

Hana Morris for Hip Hop World Championships

Jack Baker for Barbershop

James Warren for Business Case Competition

Jared Lee for Barbershop

Josh Ellery for Barbershop

Kiriwera Nepia-Su’a for Matatini

Liam Dennis for Business Case Competition

Liam Whitney for Barbershop

Luka Venter for Youth Choir

Minnie Finlayson for Candle Wasters

Oliver Fetherston for Youth Choir

Rory McKenzie for International Italian Translation (2016 Sovereign Gold Award winner)

Ruby Meagher for Debating Adjudicator

Sally Haywood for Youth Choir

Sam Coad for Barbershop

Sean Leach for Hip Hop World Championships

Tim Taylor for Barbershop

William Dean for Barbershop

William King for Youth Choir

 2016 Supreme Club Awards were presented to:

2016 Club President of the Year: Deon Teo, V-ISA

2016 New Club of the Year: Misfits Club

2016 Faculty of the Year: STUDiO

2016 Small Supreme Club of the Year: Ignite Consultants

2016 Supreme Club of the Year 2016: VicMuslims Club