Students Support Action for Rental WoF

Wednesday, 6 January 2016, 11:56 am
Press Release: VUWSA

The Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA) welcomes housing-rental Warrant of Fitness (WoF) study being undertaken by the University of Otago working with Wellington City Council this year (released in Stuff 5 January 2016).

VUWSA President, Jonathan Gee, said that a rental warrant of fitness has been a long-standing student policy in local body elections.

‘Victoria University students campaigned for healthier homes in the 2013 local body election, and we hope Council candidates prioritise a rental warrant of fitness in the upcoming election in October,’ says Gee.

It’s pleasing to hear that Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown views the rental WoF as part of a range of initiatives for quality and affordable housing, and we hope that the Council makes it a top priority in the next election cycle.’

Securing a warm, dry flat is a particular worry at this time of year, as thousands of students begin the annual flat hunt.

Welfare Vice President, Rory Lenihan-Ikin, says, ‘This is a relief for students that suffer from continuous bouts of sickness and rising electricity bills. This is the first step towards ensuring our students’ well-being is not undermined.’

‘January and February is a busy time for students as they try to secure a quality and affordable flat for the year. Unfortunately, since there can be an inaccurate student stereotype, students often have to settle for substandard rentals,’ says Gee.

A rental WoF will make sure that all renters have access to equally healthy housing.

VUWSA looks forward to supporting this Study for warmer, drier and better flats for our most vulnerable population including students, low-income children and the elderly.