Students choose VUWSA’s 2017 Executive

At the end of every year, in Trimester 2, Victoria University of Wellington students choose who the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA) executive will be for the next year.  

This year’s no different.

As year’s progress, the new executive stand on the shoulders of those elected before them; feel a sense of pride knowing the Association they represent is now even older – and that they’ll contribute to its history. They’ll help make Victoria’s students’ lives better.

This year’s executive are no different, and neither will the executive of 2017.

Every year the executive adapt to new environments, knowing what was needed back in 1899 when the Association first opened its doors, is different from what’s needed today.

‘This year’s executive and I went into the year with big plans, and built a stronger, more engaged Association,’ says Jonathan Gee, VUWSA’s 2016 President.

‘We also set the tone of the Association for the next five years by finalising a Strategic Plan – reaffirming that the reason we exist is to get the best deal for students.’

As one of the oldest and largest student Association’s in New Zealand, VUWSA’s ideology of students helping students has stood the test of time.

‘Being a VUWSA executive is a big responsibility. I’d like to congratulate the newly-elected 2017 Executive. You will very soon be representing thousands of students, and I know from experience this is a very fulfilling thing.’

The 2017 executive are:

Rory Lenihan-Ikin


1,901 votes


Isabella Lenihan-Ikin

Academic Vice President

2,173 votes


Anya Maule

Welfare Vice President

2,938 votes


Nathaniel Manning

Engagement Vice President

1,606 votes



George Grainger


2,973 votes


Raven Maeder

Campaigns Officer

3,161 votes


Marlon Drake

Clubs and Activities Officer

2,016 votes


Beth Paterson

Wellbeing and Sustainability Officer

2,042 votes


Lauren Daroux Grieg

Education Officer

3,110 votes


Tamatha Paul

Equity Officer

2,070 votes


Zac Klavs

Student Media Committee Representative

1,358 votes


Robbie Coutts

Student Media Committee Representative

1,265 votes