Clubs Council

The Clubs Council is a representative body for Clubs at Victoria University of Wellington. It advises the university on club matters , governs VUWSA's clubs’ policy and gives a member opportunity to sit on the Sponsorship Panel.

The clubs council is made up of 10 clubs representatives, VUWSA’s Clubs and Activities Officer and representatives from Victoria Recreation.

The Clubs Council constitution can be found here

The Clubs Council is elected at the first Clubs Forum of the year, normally held in the 2nd or 3rd week of Trimester One. If you would like your clubs to be represented on the Clubs Council, send an email to the Clubs and Activities Officer at

The 2018 clubs representatives are:

Name                                                      Club                                                         Email

Bex Kidson                                            Sociology Sociology                     

Chris Sole                                              ACT on Campus                           

Jacob Beal                                             Victoria Engineering Club           

Kelsey Firmin                                       Team Vic                                       

Maia Te Koha                                       Maori Language Society             

Nathan Oakley                                    Victoria University Rowing Club

Patrick Miller                                       VicCom                                          

Sasha Lala                                            VUWLSS                                         

Toby Lovelock                                    Lacrosse                                         

Lars Thompson                                  VUW Politics Society