Anthropology Society

Are you interested in culture, communication, diversity? Do you want to make a change in the community, hear about projects and volunteering opportunities? Are you an anthropology student or do you just wish you were one? The VUW Anthropology Society is a space to discuss and learn more about social-science related topics, but members generally meet to hang out and have a good time. We generally meet either on campus or at J.J. Murphy’s (where we get discounts) to watch movies, have speakers talk or discuss a wide range of topics (from philosophy, to food, religion and even the culture of drinking!!). We often arrange potlucks dinners, BBQ’s, and gatherings where delicious food is served and a great time is part of the mixture. Although the club is fairly new, we have already established contact with organisations such as DevZone, Red Cross and Trade Aid, and some of our members will be attending the ASA Conference “Ownership and Appropriation” in Auckland during December. If this sounds like you, or you have the slightest interest in having a fun time and meeting a great bunch of people just send us an email… We look forward to sharing our good times with you.