Christian Union

Christian Union is a community of students being shaped by God’s word and passionately sharing the truth, love and hope of Jesus Christ on campus.

We are part of Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship (TSCF), which is a part of International Fellowship of Evangelical Christians (IFES).

We meet both as a large group and as smaller bible study groups throughout the week. All are welcome!

Christian Union meets as a large group throughout Trimesters One and Two. Thursday nights give us a chance to hang out, eat together, pray and study God's Word.

Small groups: We call these "Plets" (ie. triplets, quadruplets) as they vary in size from 3–7.

Plets meet weekly for an hour or so and give people an opportunity to study the Bible more closely. As there are fewer people than in a large group meeting, it's a great time for asking tough questions, sharing a bit about yourself, and praying for each other.


Visit our Facebook page: CU Victoria University of Wellington Christian Union