Rembuden Kendo

The Rembuden Kendo Club offers training in the Japanese martial art Kendo, the way of the sword.

Kendo is a Japanese martial art based on the long history and traditional culture of Japan. While Kendo has competitive aspects, the ultimate aim is for one to utilise the study of Kendo to train the mind and body, and discipline the human character.

The club has a wide range of members - students and non-students, males and females, experienced and inexperienced—many of who have trained and competed extensively overseas, including in Japan. All share a desire to strive for correctness and continual improvement in their own, and each other's Kendo.

The Rembuden Kendo Club has provided instruction in the Japanese martial art Kendo (way of sword) since 1986. Kendo is a dynamic and challenging martial art requiring dedication, discipline, and patience. The primary instructor at the club is 6th dan and a former NZ representative and National coach.