Latin American and Spanish Club

The Latin American and Spanish club is open to anyone who is interested in learning, experiencing and sharing Latin American and Spanish cultures and languages.

Today’s global world does not know borders; therefore, the Latin American Spanish Club (LASC) is the perfect place to build the necessary knowledge, skills and awareness to address the challenges of a global world in a fun and educational way.

The LASC has the mission to expose their members to the rich and diverse culture, traditions and language of the ‘Spanish World’. The way to accomplish such a mission is through three main objectives.

  1. Promote the understanding of the Latin American and Spanish culture
  2. Acquire cross-cultural communication capabilities among the members
  3. Organize activities and events that enable their members to interact in a bilingual environment

The LASC has different types of activities and events to accomplish these objectives such as:

  1. Latin American and Spanish movie nights
  2. Spanish conversations groups (all levels accepted)
  3. Latin American parties
  4. Global speaker events
  5. All that surrounds the Latin American and Spanish culture (Festivals, Conferences, etc.)

The LASC is an inclusive Club, which welcome all people, especially:

  • Spanish students at Victoria University
  • Exchange students who have travelled to Latin America
  • Latin American students studying at Victoria University
  • Staff members at Victoria University
  • General public interested in our events