Deconstructing Paris Initiative

This year, in the race to prevent dangerous climate change, delegates from all of the world's nations are negotiating the first ever truly global agreement on greenhouse gas emissions. It is an important moment in the climate change movement and once that will affect national policies on climate change, energy, transport and the environment across the globe.

Functioning predominantly through our website, Deconstructing Paris. The Deconstruction Paris initiative draws on passionate students to provide legal analysis, commentary and news on the Paris Agreement and related climate action issues. Our website is aimed at anyone interested in the law and the politics of climate change. While it adopts a New Zealand perspective, it is targeted globally and hopes to reach government officials, politicians, practioners and concerned citizens from any nation.

Once the Paris agreement is concluded, we will continue to provide a clear and concise legal analysis of the agreement, in order that we might promote national action in respect of its provisions. While we do not thing that the agreement signed at Paris will solve climate change, we believe ti has the potential to be an important catalyst for climate action.


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