Lian Wu Tang (Chinese Kung Fu)

Introducting and teaching chinese martial arts and culture. Providing regular fun and fitness class for general well being, both mentally and physically.

Welcome to Lian Wu Tang

Lian Wu Tang which stands for "The Hall of Chinese Martial Art Paracticing".  That is Wellington based Chinese martial arts class, offers two main teachings of traditional chinese martial arts: Shuai Jiao and Qin Na, which are respectively a grappling, fast-throwing system and a joint manipulation and locking system.

These two traditional Chinese martial arts are to be taught for the purpose of fitness training and self-defence.  In more advance level, Chinese weapon handling and the combination of Shuai Jiao and Quin Na will be introduced as powerful techniques.  If you are looking for self-defence, fitness, Kung-Fu, or even just being curious, Lian Wu Tang is the club that you definetly don't want to miss out.

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