Amendment 7

THAT s 3 of Part IV - Committees be amended to read; 

Section 3 – Clubs Council

(1) The Membership of the Clubs Council shall be:

(a) Clubs Council Representatives who are appointed as delegates to the Clubs Council from student groups.

(b) The Clubs and Activities Officer

(c) The Treasurer Secretary

(3) A member from the Victoria University Clubs Management structure may also be invited to join the committee.

(4) The Clubs Council shall meet at least twice a year.

(5) The Clubs Council shall hold a Clubs Forum at least twice a year, once in trimester one and once in trimester two.


(6) Each student group shall possess one vote exercised by a delegate.

(7) No person shall be a representative for more than one student group.







Explanatory notes: 

(3) allows for the presence of VUW staff members such as the VUW Clubs Manager at these meetings.

(4) increases the number of mandatory meetings from once a year to twice a year.

(5) identifies the addition of a Forum for clubs to discuss issues related to clubs on a broader scale, as one of the new initiatives outlined in the review of the Clubs Council Constitution.

To read the original/current s 3 of Part IV, click here. 

Amendment 8

THAT s 1(1) in Part V - Elections be amended from; 

(1) The annual election and any special election shall be held as prescribed by these rules.


(1) The annual election shall be held during the second trimester as prescribed by these rules.

(a) Subsequent special elections shall be held as prescribed by these rules.

Explanatory note: This was a minor change to ensure that there is a time restriction on the elections to be held in the second trimester of every academic year.


A minor preventative measure to ensure fair and free elections.

Amendment 9

THAT ss 1 & 2 of Part VII - Finance be removed in their entirety and replaced with the following; 

Section 1

 (1) The Executive shall determine the financial policy of the Association without contradicting or negating the rules here within.

(2) The Executive shall have the power to acquire and dispose of properties, to expend and invest monies in securities authorised by law for the investment of trust funds in New Zealand, and in any debentures or shares or stock units issued by any company carrying on business in New Zealand (provided that any investment in such bills shall not exceed two thirds of the funds then held), to open bank accounts, to enter into contracts, and to borrow or raise money on loan or otherwise, and to give such security for the repayment thereof over the property, funds and effects of the Association as it shall think fit, to lend and advance money or give credit to any person, unincorporated body or corporation on such security or without security and upon such terms and conditions as Executive deem fit, and give guarantees for the payment of money or the performance of contracts or obligations and otherwise assist any person or corporation.

(3) The financial year of the Association shall end on the 31st of December.


Section 2 – Expenditure Authorisation

(1) Any Association expenditure must be approved and signed by any two of the following, provided that at least one of the approvers and signatories is an Executive Officer.

(a) the President;

(b) Academic Vice President;

(c) Welfare Vice president;

(d) Engagement Vice president;

(e) Treasurer Secretary

(f) Chief Executive Officer;

(g) Association Secretary; or;

(h) Up to one other Officer or employee of the Association appointed by resolution of the Executive.


Section 3 – Budget

(1) There will be a budget set for the Association which will cover operational and capital expenditure and to which income (if any) will be linked.

(2) The Executive will present a proposed budget for the forthcoming year to the Student Body in the second trimester of each year.







(3) The Student Body will consider the proposed budget and either resolve to accept or reject it in it’s entirely.




(4) If no budget has been set by the end of the Academic year, then the most recent budget set by the Student Body will be deemed to be the budget for the following year, adjusted up or down on a pro rata basis according to any change in income.

(5) At least five working days’ notice is required before the proposed budget is presented to the Student Body

(6) At the commencement of each year, but before any Student General Meetings or Referenda are held, the Executive may alter the budget set by the Student Body the preceding year, provided that:

(a) The sum of the absolute values of all alterations made to individual budget lines does not exceed five percent of total budgeted expenditure;

(b) The remuneration of Executive Officers is not altered from the budget set by the Student Body the previous year, and;

(c) The sum of the absolute values of all alterations made to individual budget lines does not exceed the total amount of the last set budget.

(7) Any proposed budgetary alterations in excess of the sum in clause 6 must be referred to the Student Body, which may accept or reject the proposed altered budget.

(8) The Executive may set policies expanding upon the budgetary provisions and procedures in these rules provided that such policies are consistent with these rules.

Explanatory note: The removed sections were removed because they had either been relocated into the internal Finance and Delegated Authority Policy, were re-worded in the below amendments, or were no longer relevant in light of amendments to this section.

To see the original/current sections, click here. 


The new Section 1 contains the remaining clauses from the current Finance section.














This addition was made to update the internal infrastructure for approving expenditure within the organisation. The current practices are unnecessarily complicated. This is simply bringing VUWSA up to modern standards in this respect and helping increase internal organisational productivity and flow.










This is the major change in the finance section of the constitution. It has been a prominent discussion among the executive around how to truly be a transparent organisation, and this is part of taking another step towards that.

A relevant noted removal from a later Schedule is:

"(2) The Executive may not budget for expenditure in excess of the amount of revenue from the annual subscription and other revenue which can reasonably be anticipated."

This provision puts the power in members' hands as to whether a budget best serves students, rather than being a blunt instrument against deficit budgets regardless of circumstances. 


General meetings are not the place to be making narrow and specific budgetary decisions, but this provision empowers members to have the final say on whether a budget prepared by the Executive best meets the needs of students. Students continue to have the opportunity to make submissions on how the budget should be set prior to the meeting. 





This allows for the Executive to be flexible within reason and to align the budget to their plan for the year or any unforeseen developments.





Restricts the executive from increasing the bottom line on a student approved budget.


Assists the above.

Allows for the future addition of new structures for further student involvement and interaction in the VUWSA budgeting process. 

Amendment 10


THAT s 4(d) of Schedule 1 - Standing Orders be removed. 

This refers to a motion of "that the question do lie upon the table". To the best of our knowledge and research the standing order serves no purpose. Everything covered within can be found in the preceding motion, "that the debate be adjourned". This is part of VUWSA's effort to make the Constitution more accessible and in plain English - "that the question do lie upon the table" is an antiquated provision shared only (in those exact words) by VUWSA and New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc. 

To see both provisions, click here. 

Amendment 11

THAT cls (4) and (5) of Schedule 2 - Salient charter be amended from; 

(4) The Editor(s) will be appointed by the Publications Editor(s) Appointment Sub-Committee in the second trimester of each year for the following year.

(5) The Editor(s) will be employed at a salary decided upon by the Student Media Committee. The General Manager and Editor(s) shall negotiate conditions and responsibilities. Nothing in the contract may negate or contradict this Charter.


(4) The Editor(s) will be appointed by the Publications Editor(s) Appointment Committee in the second trimester of each year for the following year.

(5) The Chief Executive Officer shall negotiate conditions and responsibilities. Nothing in the contract may negate or contradict this Charter. 

AND THAT the following cl 6 and 7 be added; 

(6) The Publications Editor(s) will provide monthly financial reports to the Chief Executive Officer and Treasurer Secretary.

(7) The Publications Editor(s), Chief Executive Officer and Treasurer Secretary will meet a minimum of 6 times throughout the year to discuss financial performance and any significant financial decisions.

AND THAT all remaining clauses in Schedule 2 - Salient Charter be renumbered to follow on from the proposed cl 7. 

Explanatory note: This updates the wording to include Publications Editor(s) Appointment Committee instead of the SMC.


This doesn’t materially change anything major. The removal of the SMC removes its job of stating salaries. However with the presence of a CEO and treasurer meeting with the Editor(s) regularly this is no longer required.






These reflect the current role of the SMC with direct reporting to the CEO and Treasurer, and then subsequent re-reporting to the executive. This makes the process more streamlined and efficient.

Amendment 12


THAT cl (1) of Schedule 4 - Management Regulations be amended from; 

(1) The Executive shall determine the budget and recommend the level of annual subscription (if any) to a Special General Meeting.


(1) The Executive shall determine the budget and present it to the Student Body. 

AND THAT cl (2) be removed, and all remaining clauses in Schedule 4 - Management Regulations be renumbered to follow on from the proposed cl 1.

Explanatory note: These changes are purely to reflect the changes made elsewhere in the constitution.





Cl (2) prohibits the Executive from passing a deficit budget, as discussed in Amendment 9. 

Amendment 13

THAT s 2 of Schedule 6 - Representative Groups be amended to remove item (k) (Vic Earth), re-alphabetise the items to factor in the removal of (k). 

Explanatory note: VicEarth is no longer active on campus.


Amendment 14

THAT s 2 of Schedule 6 - Representative Groups be amended to make the following changes to the names and descriptions of several Groups; 
  • "Women’s Group (Representing all students who identify as women on campus)" changing to "Victoria University Feminists Organisation (Representing all students who identify as women and gender minorities on campus)"
  • "UniQ (representing all gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, and intersex students)" changing to "UniQ (representing all LGBTQIA+ students)" 
  • Can-Do (representing all students with disabilities) changing to "CanDo (representing all students with disabilities)"

Explanatory note: These are minor changes to the Representative Groups listings.

To read a memorandum from VicUFO / the Women's Group discussing the change, click here. 









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