Faculty Games

Faculty Games 2016 has come and gone.

Read old news below if you want to see what it was all about in 2016...


The Faculty Games are an inter-faculty sports tournament, where eight of Victoria's faculties will challenge each other in Netball, Football and Turbo Touch! Any Victoria University student is able to represent their faculty.

The Faculty Games will be held on Friday 16th September from 12:00-4:00pm, with the prize giving to follow.

For more information, contact clubs@vuwsa.org.nz

Registrations are now closed! Email clubs@vuwsa.org.nz if you'd like to register last minute!



FAQs for participants

What faculties are competing?

  • Commerce
  • Law
  • Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Architecture & Design
  • Music
  • Science
  • Postgraduate

How can I get involved in the Faculty Games?

You need to register your interest via the webform above. Once you've registered, you can expect to hear back from a Faculty representative.

Does it cost to participate?

No, all costs are covered!

Where is it held?

Netball is held in the Recreation Centre Main Gym; Football and Turbo Touch are held on the Boyd Wilson Field.

What do we get if we win?

The distinguished Faculty Shield and huge bragging rights across campus go to the overall winner. There will also be a range of spot prizes up for grabs throughout the event.

Do I have to play for the faculty I’m enrolled with?

Yes, you must represent the faculty you are a current, enrolled student with.

If I’m enrolled in two faculties, who do I play for?

You may play for either faculty – select the faculty you’d like to represent when registering.

FAQs for Faculty Leaders

Thanks for your support in ensuring your faculty is well represented at the Games, and helping to make Faculty Games 2016 an awesome event!

Below is some important information for you to be aware of in preparation for the Games.

How many players do we need for each sport?

  • Netball: 7 a-side. At least 3 non-men on court at all times
  • Football: 7 a-side. At least 3 non-men on field at all times
  • Turbo Touch: 5 a-side. At least 2 non-men on field at all times

There is a max of 5 subs for each team.

How do we make teams?

You’re encouraged to promote the Games as much as possible throughout your faculty, through any means you have. Shoulder tapping, Facebook events, word of mouth, committee meetings etc. can all be good avenues. We need the grapevine to get working to get the event out there!

If you can, it might be a good idea to designate a co-ordinator/’team manager’ for each sport.

We will also take registrations from individuals via the VUWSA website. As these come through, we will forward them onto you, for you to make contact with the student.

Once you have students interested, it’s up to you how you go about meeting/forming teams. If you have more players than capacity, you may need some sort of trial/selection process.

Can we arrange trainings?

Absolutely. Victoria Recreation is happy to help provide access to spaces/equipment for your teams to prepare for the Games. Please contact Josie.Fitzsimons@vuw.ac.nz to understand options if you are interested in doing this.

What’s the format of the Games?

The format of the event will be determined by the number of faculty teams that are confirmed.

We’re aiming for all 8 faculties to be playing in each sport, in which case we’ll follow a knock out format. For each sport, all teams play one game in the first round; winners then proceed to a ‘semi-final.’ The winners of the two semis then compete in the final for that sport.

What do players wear for uniforms? 

Your teams will need some sort of matching uniforms – colour/theme etc. is totally up to you. There will be a prize for the best faculty uniform so get creative!

Bibs will be provided and need to be worn for Netball.

Is there any ‘off-the- field’ fun?

Yep – and we need your help to make it happen. While the focus of the event is the sporting competition between faculties, it would be great to create a vibrant atmosphere for those supporting too. There will be prizes for best faculty chant and best faculty mascot.