Who is NZUSA?

VUWSA is a member organisation of the New Zealand Union of Student Associations (NZUSA).

NZUSA is a national voice for tertiary students. Its purpose is to uphold student and graduate rights; fight against the student-loan scheme; support high-quality, barrier-free tertiary education; and advocate on behalf of all students' for equal access to education.

NZUSA has successfully advocated for such things as interest-free student loans, caps on fee increases, increased pastoral care and student support, as well as other student-friendly policies.

VUWSA’s president sits on the national board of NZUSA and VUWSA pays a membership each year, to support the work NZUSA is doing.

If you’d like to know more about the work NZUSA is doing, the VUWSA student executive would love to hear from you!



To be a national voice for tertiary students.


To be an influential, informed and principled pressure group representing the (best) interests of tertiary students.


For all New Zealanders to have equitable access to an adequately-funded tertiary education system. Students to be supported in high-quality learning environments. That no unfair barriers to education exist.


  • To ensure students are well represented across the sector.

  • High quality teaching and learning practices within tertiary education.

  • Decrease barriers to education, reduce the burden on graduates.

  • Outstanding learning environments and experiences.

  • Improve the outcomes of and opportunities provided by tertiary study.

  • Engage with stakeholders across the sector.

  • Strong, sustainable and valuable NZUSA and affiliated bodies.

  • Encourage strong and accountable students’ associations.