‘Check the REC’ allowed us to hear what YOU, as students, feel about lecture recordings and present to the University on your behalf.

VUWSA believe Victoria University should take on a consistent lecture recording policy. It’s time for VUW to take leadership in this field to provide further support for their students.

We have heard some of your stories, where lecture recordings have allowed you to stay on top of study when needing to attend funerals, doctor appointments, or manage illness. Recordings have enabled you to attend huis, grieve in your own time or support yourself through study with employment. Some of you just needed to hear a concept twice to understand, and lecture recordings allowed that.

Learning and teaching has evolved with the development of technologies available to us and it's clear with the use of the internet, software, computers and databases in our academic courses today, that technology is a crucial part of student life. So why not extend this to include lecture recordings?

Students are faced with several challenges during their time of study that can prohibit their ability to learn successfully. We believe lecture recordings are a step towards making Victoria University a more equitable environment for students.


Consultation has now closed.

Thank you to all of the 1551 students that made a submission.