Wellington City Council has begun consulting with the wider community on whether to add Kelburn Park to the Council’s Alcohol Control Bylaw. This will make it unlawful to consume or possess alcohol between 8pm-8am and means costly fines for anyone found breaking this ban.

We believe that the proposal is unsubstantiated and will do more harm than good, such as moving students to drink in unsafe areas (such as the Botanic Gardens which is inherently unsafe). Only a few disgruntled neighbours are pushing for an alcohol ban which are based on noise complaints (noise is not covered by the Alcohol Control Bylaw), so seems like a student ban rather than an alcohol ban.

The Police, the Council’s own officers, Victoria University of Wellington and VUWSA all opposed the ban in previous consultations. As the Council voted to do further consultation, we believe that this should involve you, the student voice.

Help us shut this down once and for all. Make a submission and let the student voice be heard!

Find out more information about the proposal and submission process here.  


Kelburn Park Alcohol Ban Submission Form

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This is when you present your view to the councilors before they make a decision. If you tick yes, we will get in touch via email. If you then decide later that you do not want to, that is ok too.
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Questions about the Alcohol Control Bylaw
Do you support the proposed change to the alcohol ban area in Kelburn Park shown in the image below?
If an alcohol ban was established in Kelburn Park, do you support it only being in place between the hours of 8pm and 8am, seven days a week?
Meaning that there will be an alcohol ban only at night - This is not an appropriate compromise as issues of student safety is still at large with this time and the reasoning still remains unsubstantiated.
Have you experienced any alcohol related crime or disorder in Kelburn Park?